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One Piece Theory : is gol d. roger related to luffy ?

is gol d. roger related to luffy

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One piece fans have been curious about the connection between Gol. D. Roger and Monkey. D. Luffy, since the beginning of One Piece. Both pirates share similarities in appearance and personality, and their paths seem to cross in many ways. But the question remains: is Gol. D. Roger somehow related to Luffy?

In this blog post, we will answer the question : is gol d. roger related to luffy ? In diving into the clues and theories surrounding these two legendary pirates and also explore the potential implications of their connection and how it could shape the future of the One Piece storyline.

As someone who has been following the One piece series since 2008′ allow me to be your guide.

Similarities Between Gol D. Roger and Luffy

As any One Piece fan would know, both Luffy and Roger share many similarities in their appearance, personality, ambitions, and even their relationships with their friends and crew members.

Let us go through all of these similarities, in that order, to see if they implicate some kind of connection between the two.

Similarities in their appearance

We know that Roger looked identical to Luffy in his youth, as we see him during Rayleigh’s small flashback at Sabaody. When Roger first met Rayleigh, he was wearing the legendary Strawhat and had a smile on his face that almost tricked me, and many other fans, into thinking he was Luffy.

We have also seen scenes like Luffy and Roger pointing towards the sky, where they strike the same pose and look like the spitting image of each other.

I think these similarities are more than just coincidental and represent a much deeper connection.

Similarities in their personality traits

Both Luffy and Roger are carefree, goofy, and headstrong pirates. Many of the things they both say and do are almost uniform, as Shanks points out to Rayleigh that Luffy sounds exactly like Roger.

It was because of this trait that Rayleigh was looking forward to meeting Luffy. They both share a similar philosophy in life and have similar views about concepts like freedom.

Roger, like Luffy, was extremely protective of his crew, and his relationship with Rayleigh is very similar to the one Luffy shares with Zoro. Luffy and Roger, fun-loving captains, slow to anger and destructively strong.

These traits make up a sort of mirror through which Luffy embodies Roger’s personality, and this has been pointed out by many. Shanks, Rayleigh, and many others who knew Roger see a glimpse of him in Luffy, and that is enough proof of their similar personalities.

Similarities in their journey

Both of these legendary pirates started their journey in the East Blue and picked up their crew along the way. Both of them turned to the sea and piracy, not for treasure and gold, but for freedom and adventure.

Luffy wants to do exactly what Roger did, and as fate would have it, he is following exactly in Roger’s footsteps. I see it as no mere coincidence that Roger’s hat ended up on Luffy’s head.

We know Luffy is destined to become Pirate king as he is the protagonist, but him having Roger’s hat, his smile, his attitude, and so many other things point to the fact that Oda deliberately made them alike to foreshadow a connection, something Oda is a master at.

Theories on the Possible connection between Gol D. Roger and Luffy

Within the One Piece community, there are many theories that seek to explain the possible connection between Luffy and Roger, from major and acceptable ones like them being related as the, are both from the unexplained « D » clan to whimsical ones like Luffy being Roger’s reincarnation.

I once even came across a theory that suggested that Garp switched Luffy and Ace as children and that it was Luffy who was, in fact, the son of Roger, but knowing Oda, that is most likely not true at all.

The will of D

We know that many characters within the One Piece world carry the initial D in their names. This would suggest that they are somehow related to each other.

Through exposition from Law, Doflamingo, and Rosilante, we know that the D clan are sworn enemies of the World government and the celestial dragons.

Many theorists suggest that Roger and Luffy as descendants of the original D, who many claims were the first Joyboy during the void century.

This way, both of them are from the same family, though distantly related. This would explain their similarities, as these are all traits they inherited from their ancestor, Joyboy.

Is luffy gold roger’s son ?

They look the same, they share the same dream and desire about freedom but they just come from the same clan (D.)

Implications of the Possible connection

If a link between Luffy and Roger is established, then that would change the whole dynamic of the One Piece world.

Should a relationship between Luffy and Roger be established, Luffy will be one step closer to becoming the Pirate king, and his infamy will increase manyfold.

If characters in the One Piece world knew of a connection between Luffy and Roger, they would see Luffy as the logical successor to the Pirate King, and he would be both feared and respected more than he already is.

This might also change Luffy as a character, as he would try to be more like Roger, which he already is in many ways. This also has the potential to give the story a new direction to go in, as many of Roger’s old allies might seek to aid Luffy.

Is gol d. roger related to luffy ? Final words :

Based on all of this information, we can clearly say that Oda has created some connection between Luffy and Roger and that the Initial D stands to signify a familial relationship between the two characters on some level or the other.

I have been following the series closely for years, but even a newcomer can see that Luffy was made in Roger’s image or the other way around.

Logic dictates that since Luffy is supposed to be Roger’s successor, they must be related. So, our answer is yes, as members of the D clan, Luffy and Roger are related.

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