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Is gear 5 Luffy stronger than Roger?

Is gear 5 Luffy stronger than Roger

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With the addition of Gear 5 to his arsenal and what seems to be the awakening of his devil fruit, Luffy has now become one of the strongest characters in the One Piece world. But just how strong is Gear 5 Luffy? What is the ceiling of his strength?  Can Gear 5 Luffy beat the strongest characters in the series? Our question is, Is gear 5 Luffy stronger than Roger? The answer at this point is probably a no, but the reasoning behind it is interesting. Keep reading to find out.

The way things are

  After the events of Wano, Luffy is now one step closer to his dream of becoming the King of the pirates. As an emperor, he is now one of the most feared pirates in the world.  But does that mean he is now on the level of the former King of the pirates, Gol. D. Roger himself?  Roger is, perhaps, with the exception of Rocks. D. Xebec is the most powerful character in the history of One piece. Putting Luffy, as he is now, against Roger will be very challenging.

Gear 5 Luffy vs. Roger

  We can not know if Luffy really has become stronger than Roger, as we have not seen the true extent of Roger’s power.  What we can do is, place Luffy and Roger against each other on a list of categories to see who comes out on top. If you want to read about a fight between luffy and a roger’s crewmate, check gear 5 luffy vs Rayleigh !

The categories on which we will test Luffy and Roger are :
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Experience
  • Power
  • Haki
  • Destructive capabilities

Is gear 5 Luffy stronger than Roger on Strength ?

  Over the course of the series, Luffy has shown that he is a beast in terms of strength He has managed to go up against the likes of Kaido and still prevail. His strength can easily be scaled on a similar level as Kaido AMD far superior to the warlords, as he was able to hurt and even beat Kaido and the warlords in the past.  However, we know that Oden was strong enough to injure Kaido permanently and yet a sick and dying Roger managed to send Oden flying with one shot.  That shows us that Roger was in a league of his own. His strength was fearsome, even for the likes of Oden. Luffy is just not on that level yet. Roger wins in brute strength.

Is gear 5 Luffy stronger than Roger on Speed ?

  We know that Roger could match both Whitebeard and Garp in their prime.  Both of those characters have shown themselves to be insanely fast, yet by all indications, Roger was most likely faster.  Roger was Rayleigh’s captain, and we know that Rayleigh is fast enough to react to Kizaru’s attacks. Thus Roger was extremely fast and agile. We also have seen Luffy out speed light speed attacks and keep up with and beat characters like Katakuri, who could literally see the future.  Luffy was fast enough to counter future sight, and we have not seen the true speed of Roger. Luffy wins speed.

Is gear 5 Luffy stronger than Roger on Endurance ?

  With all of his feats to go by, Luffy is a tank, known for taking damage. He can handle an unholy amount of punishment and still keep fighting, coming back stronger than before.  He has survived multiple attacks by Kaido, and with gear 5, he can literally not be hurt. But Roger is a demon who faced Whitebeard and fought him to a standstill while he was dying.  Roger was in extreme pain, yet he could still destroy islands if he wanted to. There is a world of difference between the two. Roger wins endurance.

Is gear 5 Luffy stronger than Roger on Experience ?

  At this point, Luffy is nineteen. He has seen his fair share of opponents, but regardless of his power, he would not be able to beat an experienced pirate like Roger, who has spent decades at sea.  Luffy is a battle genius, but Roger has enough knowledge to counter anything Luffy throws his way. Roger wins experience.

Is gear 5 Luffy stronger than Roger on Power ?

  With gear 5, Luffy has what can be called limitless power. His imagination is the only thing that limits him. He can change the very nature of what is around him. Even with his abilities, Roger should not be able to match that. Luffy wins power.

Is gear 5 Luffy stronger than Roger on Haki ?

  On top of his devil fruit, Luffy also has an unmatched skill at using Haki. With advanced armament, future sight, and now conqueror’s coating, he has mastered all three forms of Haki.  He has a level of skill that few possess. On the other hand, Roger had no devil fruit yet was feared by the world.  That is simply an indication that he must have been so incredibly strong that he could face the likes of Whitebeard and Sengoku simply with his Haki. By all means, Roger wins Haki.

Is gear 5 Luffy stronger than Roger on Destructive capabilities ?

  Luffy can alter the shape of everything around him. He can morph a dragon-like Kaido into a jump rope.  At this point, Luffy can destroy entire islands simply by turning into a giant and stepping on them.  Roger has such a ridiculous amount of power that even a simple attack from his sword, Ace, called the Divine Departure, can lay waste to an entire region. Thus we also know what Roger is capable of. Destructive abilities are a tie.


  As the former King of the pirates, Roger will always have a one-up on Luffy. But Luffy is still just a young man, meaning he has the time and potential to reach and overcome Roger, which he most definitely will.  But as things stand, a gear 5 Luffy can not beat Roger. So our answer is no, Gear 5 Luffy is not stronger than Gol. D. Roger. Roger wins with High to Extreme difficulty.
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