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Is gear 5 a hybrid form ?

Is gear 5 a hybrid form

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With the recent awakening of Monkey D. Luffy and his new form, there have been a lot of questions regarding the model: Nika fruit. Today, we will take a look at Zoan devil fruit users.

We will talk about the Mythical Zoan-type devil fruit and compare it with the normal Zoan-type devil fruit forms and answer the question : Is gear 5 a hybrid form ?

My journey with One Piece started in 2008 and I have been following its anime and manga regularly ever since. I write on One Piece in hopes that more and more people can get to know about this world through my writing and hope I can help answer the questions that you guys might have after watching this brilliant series.

What do we know about the Mythical Zoan-type?

The Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruits are based on the mythical and legendary beings of the One Piece universe and the Mythical Zoan users will be able to use the abilities and transform into their respected Mythical or legendary being

A few examples of this are Marco as he turns into the mythical Phoenix and Sengoku as he turns into the Mythical Buddha as well as Luffy who turns into the legendary Sun God Nika

Regular Zoan Vs Mythical Zoan

Zoan-type users usually have 3 main forms:

  • Human
  • Beast
  • Hybrid

and can turn into an animal or beast that their fruit is based on. Zoan fruits are based on the regular animals in the One Piece universe like Rob Lucci’s Neko Neko no mi Model: Leopard which allows him to turn into a Leopard.

On the other hand, Mythical Zoan-type is the rarest type of Devil Fruit in the One Piece universe and gives its user the ability to transform into a mythical being, also allowing the users to use some of its abilities even in their human form for example Luffy’s Hito Hito no mi Model: Nika which allows his body to become Rubber even without transforming/awakening

Analysis on Awakening :

Rob Lucci’s awakening granted him great physical strength and speed and also increased his recovery rate unlike the other Zoan awakenings, Rob Lucci’s mind and personality were not affected by the fruit and he was able to remain himself while fighting against Luffy.
The appearance of Lucci also changed in his awakening making him look more slender and having black smoke surround his torso, making him look more and more like a Leopard.

Luffy’s awakening allowed him to utilize his fruit’s ability anywhere and on anybody giving him the ability to make anything into rubber temporarily whether it is animate or inanimate objects and beings. Luffy’s personality was greatly affected by his awakening and it seemed as though the Sun God Nika took over Luffy’s body. Luffy’s physical appearance also changed as his hair turned white and he started emitting white smoke from his torso.

Analysis of the Hybrid Form :

While the usual hybrid forms of the Zoan types consist of them turning into half human and half beast, this however is not the case when it comes to Luffy’s gear 5 but maybe the case in gear 4.

Now we all know that the half-human and half-beast transformation happens because the user’s fruit is based on an animal/beast but what if it consists of a deity like Sengoku and Luffy?

And this is exactly what happens to Luffy in his gear 5 form where he turns into the Sun God Nika himself but since the Sun God Nika was a deity Luffy maintains his human-like appearance but in turn, can still use the abilities and mimic the personality of the Sun God

Gear 4 is the closest thing that comes to the orthodox hybrid form of the Zoan-type devil fruits as Luffy can still make his body rubbery despite using armament haki and as proof, even Doflamingo was shocked at how rubbery he was despite using the armament haki.

Is gear 5 a hybrid form? Final words :

After a careful Analysis and comparison of Luffy’s gear 4 and 5 we have come to the conclusion that
Luffy’s gear 4 looks more like a Hybrid Form in the Zoan Devil Fruit users than Gear 5.

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