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Is Brook stronger than Zoro ?

Is brook stronger than zoro

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The more our loved characters progress, the more interesting it is to realize their true strength. And, as long as they achieve a new level, we need to appraise it with some of their allies or enemies. Today, we will be ranking two Straw Hats swordsmen, said Brook and Zoro, in an exhilarating duel.

Thus, we will be balancing each of them on indispensable qualities, and give them points to figure out the winner.

Anew, I will be your devoted pilot through this topic. It’s always a pleasure to share experience since 2008, with fellow fans of the One Piece universe. I expect this article will elate your curiosity.

Have a seat, and stick till the very end.

Brook vs Zoro, the categories


We are focusing on the most essential aptitudes in battle, which will be mentioned down below.

All of their updates up to Wano Country will be considered. And probably the manga ones.

So, we have :

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Haki
  • Power
  • Battle IQ
  • Swordsmanship 

Is Brook stronger than Zoro in Strength?


Unlike how he looks, Brook is quite strong for a skeleton. He was still able to grow stronger as Ryuma mentioned.

He can still lift other people without breaking his bones. Jokes aside, he seems to be stronger than any average fighter.

Moving along to Zoro, he is tremendously strong. His steady bodybuilding pays off a lot. At such a point, he could stall a combined attack aimed at all the Minks.

It makes sense to give Zoro the first point here.

Is Brook stronger than Zoro in Speed?


Starting off with Zoro, we have been given to see him accomplish swift feats.

His counterattack strikes were nothing but amazingly fast against Kamazo “the moaner”. And, even earlier back to Thriller Bark, he was the only Straw Hat successfully dodging Kuma’s lightspeed paw punches.

He is undoubtedly rapid, his reflexes are just incredible, and it is a great asset to him.

However, Brook is particularly exceptional. Not everybody can run across water without sinking deeper, and even further for a devil fruit user.

His dead alive body is extremely light and agile. Maybe aerodynamic fact, but it’s just incredible.

It’s so blitzing that most of his enemies can’t see him attacking, and it just seems to them that he is walking past them.

Remember that Big Mom was struggling to hit him, in their one versus one battle.

That’s why we give our funky skeleton 1 point in the Speed contest.

Is Brook stronger than Zoro in Endurance?


So far, Zoro’s most interesting battles were similar to exhaustion’s resistance competitions.

And I’m sure all of us remember the fame of that sacrifice he made to save his captain, back to Thriller Bark. He survived this hardship, standing upright, and recovered quite quickly later.

I am still baffled by how he was still alive after stalling the frightening attack of the two Emperors Kaido and Big Mom, recently at Wano.

Concerning Brook, I’m sure that dying once disgusted the ripper from taking him away.

It’s quite sensible since he kept body and soul together after trying to fight Big Mom by himself. Brook was beaten by Prometheus and Zeus and struck repetitively. And getting the toy of that mean vixen wasn’t a piece of cake.

Besides, our funny dead alive wields a mysterious regenerative ability.

He heals any damage drinking milk.

And thanks to his soul manipulation skill, he can pull back broken pieces of his body, even his head. I guess how shocked was Zeo at that moment.

Even if death can’t come twice, he can still feel pain though.

We grant Brook 1 point in the Endurance contest.

Is Brook stronger than Zoro in Haki?


Three points are available here.

  • About the Armament Haki, so far Brook doesn’t master it. On the contrary, Zoro is a fierce user of that capacity.

So, Zoro grabs this point.

  • Also about the Observation Haki, only Zoro wields it. Brook does not.

That’s why Zoro owns this point.

  • Concerning the Conqueror’s Haki, we have been given to see it recently at Wano, against Kaido. Thus, he is an official user.

Which is not the case for Brook.

Therefore, Zoro wins 1 point.

It makes a total of 3 points for Zoro.

Is Brook stronger than Zoro in Power ?


Here, we are considering both of the Straw Hats at their full potential.

Meaning that Zoro will have his greatest weapons, including Oden’s former sword, Enma, Shisui, and Wado Ichimonji. On the other side, Brook will be in his prime, and his violin will be a part of his arsenal too.

Zoro’s fighting style is mostly known for the strong attacks it deals.

He manages to strike the opponent’s defense until it buckles.

Added to that, we all know how dangerous the tremendous katana Enma is. For instance, the “cliff-slicer” Enma. No random blade could help Zoro to injure the strongest creature Kaido.

Even if it’s hard to handle such calamity, I don’t doubt Zoro’s Haki condition.

About Brook, his cane sword, Soul Solid and its freezing attributes are useful. Frost can tamper enemies’ moves, but it couldn’t work on someone such as Zoro who bathes half-naked on a wintry island.

In addition, having his playing instrument with him, he may try some soothing or hallucinogenic melodies to weaken Zoro. Only if he got time to.

Even maneuvers such as Iceburn, which we saw as he was fighting against Black Maria couldn’t make a difference with him.

The only trickiest thing concerning Brook is his immortality. He doesn’t have to mind about getting cut or beheaded. But his afro matters though.

So, as you get it, Zoro wins the Power contest’s point.

Is Brook stronger than Zoro in Battle IQ?


Usually, Brook does make the fool in a lot of situations, and his cowardly attitude doesn’t help. But when in crucial moments, he knows how to trick enemies as he did with Giolla.

A little reminder, he is none but the guy who stole poneglyphs from Big Mom, without getting caught.

On Zoro’s side, he demonstrates some recklessness when it comes to the people he wants to protect. But, as things last, he can be enough calm to discover the weakness in his opponent’s strategy.

It’s precisely what happened against King when he figured out that those flames weren’t due to his Devil fruit.

The more fearful, the more precautious you are.

And that’s why we give Brook this point in the Battle IQ contest.

Is Brook stronger than Zoro in Swordsmanship?


Then comes the last and most specific contest for the two of our swordsmen.

We will begin with the classy skeleton Brook and his cane sword.

His swordsmanship is based on accurate and deadly attacks. Every single one of his strikes, even if they are operated gently, is meant to kill. Most of the time, enemies don’t realize that he already attacked before they collapsed.

A ballet of death, somehow. His swordsmanship also seems to be inspired by the Iai style, a cut-an-sheathe style.

And it fits perfectly with Brook’s personality.

Concerning the former bounty-hunter Zoro, his mastery is more focused on powerful assault, as previously said.

We’ve luckily been given to see our contestant against the same opponent Ryuma, who lost to Zoro. We didn’t know if Brook was serious as he was facing Ryuma. But Zoro’s swordsmanship counters Brook’s.

Though hitting Brook will genuinely be a tough task.

Thus, Zoro grabs the last point of the contest.



We are at the end with a total of 6 points for Zoro, and 3 points for Brook. So, the winner is Zoro, for his force and overwhelming power. Not too shabby as a result for Brook.

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