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How tall is Shanks?

How tall is shanks

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Among the most iconic characters in the One Piece universe, one of a kind is the red-haired figure among the Emperors, Shanks. His personality warms the hearts of fans, and many wonder about the characteristics of such a fascinating and alluring character.

In this blog post, we’ll answer the question : How tall is Shanks? In exploring the evolution of Shanks’ height through various stages and how it relates to his character development and relationships.

Join me on an epic journey through the captivating world of One Piece, which began for me in 2008 and continues to capture my imagination to this day. Together, let’s explore the remarkable traits of one of the most fearsome and infamous pirates of all time. 

Here we go!

How tall is Shanks from One Piece ?

how tall is shanks

Following is a brief history of Shanks’ height evolution:

/ Shanks’ height (in feet) Shanks’ height (in cm)
kid 3’ 83” 117 cm
Before time skip 5’ 11” 182 cm
After time skip 6′ 6½ «  199 cm

Note: this article may contain some spoilers about Wano Country and Egghead Island arcs.

How Tall is Shanks as a kid?

how tall is shanks

According to the plotline chronology, “Red-haired” Shanks in Kid version appears in flashback. And of course, Buggy was not far.

So far until now, no official information was released about Shanks’ height at this moment. 

However, based on the height of other characters in this arc, we are going to proceed with some estimations.

Considering the fact that Rayleigh was taller compared to Shanks’ height, we can assume that Shanks was around 3 feet and 83 inches or 117 cm.

How Tall Is Shanks Before The Time Skip?

how tall is shanks

Before the two-year time skip in the plotline, Shanks’s height remained consistent. He was still at his height of 5 feet and 11 inches (182 cm).

On the other hand, Shanks’ progression over that span of a decade was just mindblowing.

Who would guess that Shanks would have grown to such a monumental figure in the One Piece universe? Exceptionally, when it comes to considering that he doesn’t seem to have a Devil Fruit. 

Still, it’s a mystery yet to be solved. 

How Tall Is Shanks After The Timeskip?

how tall is shanks

According to the latest update, Shanks’ height is 199 cm or 6 feet and 6½ inches.

In spite of the nearing end of the series, Shanks’ character remains one of the deepest mysteries of the entire anime/manga. 

Shanks is one of the most notorious and influential pirates in the world of One Piece.

His implication in the interruption of the Summit War was the absolute proof of supremacy. In addition to his busted physical strength, Shanks is a certified master of the three types of Haki.

Especially, his Conqueror Haki raises more than one eyebrow. 

His sumptuous Color of Conqueror Haki was acknowledged to be singular among the strongest. Its specificity is to neutralize his presence to impede the future vision of his opponent.

The most palpable power displays were:

  • matching Whitebeard’s Conqueror Haki, causing the sky clouds to split in half;
  • parrying Admiral Akainu’s magma-infused punch to save Koby;
  • petrifying Admiral Ryokugyo from miles away from Wano Country;
  • knocking out Killer and Eustass Kid in a single blow infused with his Conqueror’s Haki.

Fans are on the lookout for every eventual leak from Oda to elaborate on this character that matches perfectly with its fame.

People also Asks About Shanks’s Height

Among the queries of the One Piece community on Shanks’ height, the most recurring one is the comparison between Shanks’ height and other characters.

If you want to know Buggy’s height, read How tall is Buggy ?

Shanks is actually one of the tallest average humans in One Piece with a height of 6 feet and 6 inches (199 cm). 

While his height is relatively tall compared to many other characters, it is still smaller than that of pure beasts like Whitebeard (666 cm / 22 feet), Kaido (710 cm / 23 feet 3½ inches)), or Big Mom (8.8 meters/28 feet 10 inches).

As far as we want to appraise Shanks’ height, who is better than his comrades to help estimate his size?

The incoming ranking is based on height differences in the most recent appearance of the entire crew, since some official data are lacking.

In the Red Haired Pirates crew, the three nearest members to Shanks’s height are:

  • Benn Beckman
  • Yasopp
  • Hongo

Shanks height comparison with Benn Beckman?

While Shanks is an impressive 199 cm tall, Benn Beckman beats him out with a towering 206 cm. Looks like Beckman has the height advantage over his captain!

Shanks height comparison with Yassop?

Yasopp is a worthy sharpshooter of the Red Hair Pirates. 

Considering Yasopp’s height of 183 cm, it’s obvious that Yasopp is shorter than Shanks.

Shanks height comparison with Hongo?

Similar to several members of the crew, a lot of information is lacking on Hongo. Even though neither his height was released, Hongo looked undoubtedly shorter compared to Shanks.

Shanks’ Height and Character Development

As with every other feature of a character, Shanks’ height has a deep importance in the coherence of his character.

Shanks’ Height as a Reflection of His Leadership and Authority

Shanks’ height is not just a physical attribute but also reflects his leadership and authority as a pirate.

He is a mature and laid-back figure in terms of his power, strength, and demeanor, and his height is a perfect reflection of this. 

In addition, his intimidating presence is a key aspect of his character that inspires reverence from his allies and rivals alike, just as we saw at Summit War.

The Significance of Shanks’ Height in his Relationships with Other Characters

Shanks’ stature also contrasts with the profound respect and fear he inspires. 

His height is obviously not the most impressive of his crew, but it doesn’t prevent him from gaining respect from his crewmates.

Moreover, every single fool who estimated Shanks on his appearance came to regret it.

The mountain thief Higuma can say a lot about it; if he ever came back to life.

 Furthermore, Shanks’ intimidating presence will keep serving as a model and guide for our beloved captain: Monkey D. Luffy.

An unmatched figure yet to be fully discovered in the incoming events of the series.

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