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How tall is Gol D. Roger ?

How tall is Gol d. Roger

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If I ask you which character is the most iconic figure in One Piece, chances are that many names will come to mind, but none like the Pirate King himself to take the top spot.

His figure in the world of One Piece was so legendary that he was the only pirate, along with his crew, who knows until now what the secret behind the great treasure is.

On this occasion, we will endeavor to unveil one of the greatest intrigues of all time… how tall is Gol D. Roger?

I have been a fan of this wonderful adventure since 2008, so I will use my knowledge acquired from the manga and anime, various theories, and canonical facts that will give us the necessary data on the height of this legendary pirate, so get ready, and let’s sail!

How tall is Gol D. Roger in One Piece?

Several characters in the world of One Piece tend to have very distinguishable heights, for example, the tontatta are the smallest race and we have the giants that if we take into account that are bigger than Big Mom (880 cm, 29′ ft) should make them abysmal beings.

However, Gol D. Roger probably occupies an average height to be a character so relevant to the plot, let’s remember that many memorable characters that have participated in the narrative have been of great size.

There are still many things we don’t know about the Pirate King, like what inspired him to set sail to sea at such a young age, even his height in his youth is a mystery that we will solve here, before going in-depth you can see this overview of his stature:

Gol D. Roger Young versión : 200 cm (6’ 56’’ ft)

Gol D. Roger Adult version : 274 cm (9’0’’ ft)

How tall is Gol D. Roger when he was young?

We have rarely had the opportunity to see Roger as a young man, probably the only image we have of him during that time is when he meets and recruits Rayleigh, who is about 160 cm (5′ 24 »ft), being Roger taller than him by far the safest is to estimate that he is about 200 cm (6′ 56 »ft).

How tall is Gol D. Roger in cm?

How tall is Gol d. Roger in cm

The pirates king, Gol d. Roger was 274 cm.

How tall is Gol D. Roger in feet?

How tall is Gol d. Roger in feet

If we convert cm to feet, Gol d. Roger was 9’0 ».

Gol D. Roger height comparison with famous pirates:

Throughout his life, he encountered great pirates who were almost his height, literally and in power, for it was one of the best times for piracy, so let’s see how much difference they had in height.

Gol D. Roger height comparison with Whitebeard?

If there is anyone in the whole pirate era who deserves to be compared with Roger, it is the great Whitebeard, from enemies they became friends who told their dreams and aspirations between drinks under a sakura tree, besides having had battles that would make anyone tremble.

Despite Roger’s great ambitions, he is much smaller than Whitebeard, by 392 cm (ft).

Gol D. Roger height comparison with Rocks?

Something that both characters share is the ‘D’ in their names, besides being two of the most prominent pirates of the past, something relevant about Xebec is that in his crew there were other great pirates like Whitebeard, Big Mom, and even Kaido.

So much power led the navy to make an alliance with the pirates to defeat him, such a character measured approximately 200 cm (6′ 56 » ft), which makes him 74 cm (2′ 42 » ft) smaller than Roger.

Although there is no height canon provided by Oda, one certain thing is that Roger was much taller.

Gol D. Roger height comparison with Shiki?

We know a lot about Shiki, and his story is one of the best ones in a movie, however, we don’t have a canon height, so we will make an estimate of how tall this character is using Nami.

Nami is 170 cm (5′ 7 » ft), and Shiki is taller than her because of the swords, which would make him about 70/80 cm taller than her, so we’ll estimate that he’s about 245 cm (8′ ft).

This makes Shiki smaller than Roger by 29 cm (0′ 9 » ft).

Why is Gol D. Roger so tall?

There are many reasons why a character in One Piece can be tall, mostly it is associated with his ambitions and how he carries them out, also genetics and race influence a lot, of course, in Roger’s case there is a lot of data we don’t have so we will go by his ambitions.

Being the King of the Pirates is a goal that not any character could carry out and achieve, probably if he had not surrendered to the Marines and cured his illness, maybe he could have been taller, but his first was 274 cm (9′ 0 » ft).


Over time we have come to know more about the King of Pirates, thanks to the fact that we are getting closer and closer to the great treasure, however, there is still a cloak of secrecy around him.

His stature is small in comparison to the wave of pirates that inspired the search for One Piece, however, it is a lot if we compare him to our favorite captain, which could imply that Luffy’s prime has yet to be reached or his ambitions are different.

Still, Roger is and will be remembered for being a revolutionary among the sailors and explorers of One Piece, as one of the tallest characters among humans who also achieved great feats.

And you, how tall do you think Roger was as a child?


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