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How powerful is Topman Warcury?

How powerful is Topman Warcury

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The recent unveiling of the Gorosei members’ formidable power scale has brought a significant revelation to the forefront of the One Piece series. Amid these enigmatic figures, Saint Topman Warcury emerges as an intriguing point of intrigue. So How powerful is Topman Warcury?

Through compelling evidence, we’ve uncovered insights into his Devil Fruit abilities, conferring him the potential title of ‘Luffy’s nemesis’—a title well-deserved than Kaido or any previous antagonist.

What could Topman Warcury’s Devil Fruit?

Let’s find it out!

A power like no other

Exploring Topman’s capacities reveals a depth that surpasses even the intrigue surrounding V. Nusjuros abilities.

Examining Topman‘s silhouette hint in Chapter 1085 through Japanese yokai folklore, we end up with the Yokai Baku.  

The Baku is known as a sacred creature that is mostly neither violent nor bloodthirsty but feeds on dreams and nightmares.

So, like Saturn, Topman would have awakened a Mythical Zoan.

A panel of possible attacks of the Zo Zo No MiModel Baku could be:

  • the ability to immerse his enemies in a total illusion state;
  • the ability to steal dreams and thus crush the will of his opponents. A truly frightening power for pirates with a great vision as Luffy.

I wonder if Usopp would bypass it again, as he did with Perona’s ghosts.

But what if there is something more sinister behind Topman’s Zo Zo No Mi?

What if Topman’s abilities are not Devil Fruit-related?

Sabo talked about a “hell-ish ambiance” at the top of the “empty throne”. 

What if he saw some real demonic beasts that day during the Levely?

What if they were nothing but demonic entities, models of a Great Evil?

I feel the confusion coming, but no worries, I’ve got you covered…

The existence of “Deity Zoans” like Luffy’s Hito Hito no Mi – model Nika and Sengoku’s Hito Hito no Mi – model Daibutsu is undeniable.

So introducing demons into the story now wouldn’t be as far-fetched as we think.

Ever pondered the potential outcome of a clash between these two users of Deity Zoans?

Moreover, who else fits the bill of demonic creatures? Imu and their five henchmen come to mind.

Furthermore, the following theory goes even deeper with two key factors: “the scar on Saturn’s face” and “his reaction to Nika during Luffy’s fight with Kizaru”. 

Who could have wounded a member of the Gorosei in the face? 

Probably Nika. But he hadn’t awakened in 800 years.

Therefore, Saturn would have faced him 800 years ago, which would justify his scar.

If that were the case, Saturn would be immortal, just like Imu and the other members of the Gorosei.

It’s therefore more likely that they are demonic beings and, in conclusion, Topman Warcury would be a demon.

How powerful is Topman Warcury ? Conclusion :

Topman Warcury must possess unrivaled power to uphold order and justice. One thing is certain: he would be more powerful than Saturn. Let’s wait and see what Oda has in store for us next.

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