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How long can luffy use gear 5 ?

How long can luffy use gear 5

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One-piece fans have been eagerly waiting for Luffy’s next transformation after the introduction of gear fourth. Finally, Oda has delivered with the introduction of gear 5; But as exciting as this new form is, there is a burning question on everyone’s mind: how long can Luffy use gear 5 ?

In this blog post, we will answer the question : How long can luffy use gear 5 ? In delving into the science of gear 5 and analyze its mechanics and durability from the nature of its power to the limits of its usage, we will explore everything you need to know about Luffy’s newest transformation.

The reason why I write on One Piece is to let more and more people know about this fantastic series and to help people out there in search of answers and theories.

Gear 5 Overview

In the world of One Piece where people have different abilities, Monkey D. Luffy has eaten the Gomu Gomu no mi Model: Nika which allows him to become a rubber-like human changing his body composition to rubber, and he created some techniques known as gears such as gear 2, 3 and 4 which pushed him beyond his limits.

However, the recent introduction to gear 5, also known as the awakening, has raised the bar even higher, allowing him to fight toe to toe with the strongest characters in the One Piece universe.

It allows him to bend the laws of physics and its power is said to be infinite only restricted by the imagination of its user, making gear 5 a complete game changer for Luffy and the One Piece universe.

How does gear 5 work?

Lufy’s heart begins to beat in an almost musical rhythm allowing Gear 5 to increase Luffy’s strength as well as grants him ‘’ freedom ‘’ allowing him to fight according to his will, which is why Zunesha referred to it as the ‘’ Drums of Liberation ‘’ and it’s also the reason why all of the previous users of it were known as the ‘’ Warriors of Liberation ‘’ allowing its user to change their body as well as their surroundings to anything they will fight in an almost comic like fashion making everyone around them happy and ‘’ free ‘’

Gear 5 mechanics utilizes the already established gears and therefore while it does not have a unique mechanic to itself but it boosts the already established mechanics from other techniques to further enhances Luffy

  • Boosting the speed he gets through gear 2nd through increasing his metabolism in his blood resulting in a faster speed than the simple gear 2nd variation
  • Becoming a giant which Luffy was never able to accomplish in his normal variation of Gear 3rd in which he could only transform his limbs into giant size.
  • Giving him more resilience, and variations as well as stronger than when he covered his torso in Armament Haki in gear 4.

Strength and Weakness of Gear 5

The strength of Gear 5 is again that it grants its users ‘’ freedom ‘’ and the power to influence themselves and their surroundings with the power of their fruit which in this case is Rubber allowing Luffy to turn everything and himself into a rubber-like body allowing him to become more creative with his techniques and fights giving him almost infinite power, as well as giving Luffy all the benefits of his previous gears, the speed from gear 2nd, destructive capabilities of gear 3rd and the defense and force of gear 5 all at once!

While it may seem omnipotent at a glance, Gear 5 does, however, has some weaknesses.

The first being the original weakness of the Gomu Gomu no mi which would be vulnerability to piercing and slashing attacks.

And the second, being the ability restricted by its user’s imagination so If its user does not have a very unique and distinct imagination he would have a hard time in fights and of course the classic weakness of all devil fruits being any body of water making them deadweight and being extremely tired and exhausted.

Difference Between Gear 5 and the Rest of the Gears

Now there is a very distinct difference between Luffy’s other gears and gear 5 and we will discuss why

  • Gear 2nd allows Luffy to pump up his blood and increase his metabolism this way increasing his speed and power of recovery exponentially
  • Gear 3 allows Luffy to blow immense amounts of air into his joints, inflating his limbs and giving them the appearance and strength of a giant.
  • In gear 4 Luffy covers his upper torso and limbs in Armament Haki to give himself increased protection as well as speed.

Now notice how every other gear up until gear 4 is not actually a transformation but more of an enhancement to Luffy’s body which gives him access to a whole lot of arsenal and techniques meanwhile Gear 5 is a real transformation.

Where Luffy’s heartbeat to the rhythm of a drum referred to as the ‘’ Drums of Liberation ‘’ makes him take on the appearance of the Sun God Nika but the main difference here is that instead of enhancing his body to gain a certain style of fighting, 

Luffy gets access to every gear up at the same time, enabling him to use the speed of gear2, giganticification of gear 3 and the defensive and offensive capabilities of gear 4.

Limits of Gear 5

Although the Gear 5 is incredibly strong and allows Luffy to go toe to toe against many top fighters of the One Piece universe, it, however, does come with its consequences and limits. Let’s check them : 

Impact of Gear 5

We have seen it in his fight against Kaido as well as Rob Luccy, that gear 5 takes an extreme toll on Luffy’s body and makes him incredibly exhausted to the point where his transformation came undone, Kaido was seen mocking Luffy because of this and after his fight against Kaido, Luffy is seen to be panting and exhausted beyond belief

And in the recent Chapter 1070 after his battle against Kaido, Luffy was seen being extremely tired and exhausted, and his appearance seemed to have aged into an old man for a short amount of time.

Factors affecting Gear 5

There are a few factors that could potentially affect Gear 5. Here are some possible examples : 

  • Physical exhaustion : The strain on Luffy’s body is immense when he uses Gear 5, so his physical condition is a critical factor. If he is already exhausted, his ability to use this technique could be severely limited.
  • Environment :  Even if the risk is restrained, for a demon fruit’s user, fighting close to the sea can be dangerous. We can suppose with his gear 5, Luffy can fly but we don’t have to forget that he can die if he falls in the sea.
  • Psychological : Do you remember this tragic episode 483 ? Unfortunately, Ace died and Luffy got a trauma. He was completely useless and overwhelmed by the pain. What if one of his nakama or member of his family dies ?

How long can luffy use gear 5 ? Final words :

Gear 5 is an incredibly powerful technique that Luffy can use to increase his strength and overcome his enemies.

However, as we have seen, there are significant drawbacks to using this form. The strain it places on his body is immense, and it can only be sustained for a limited amount of time.

While we don’t know exactly how long Luffy can use Gear 5, it’s clear that it is not a technique he can rely on for an extended period.


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