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How can Luffy use fire?

How can Luffy use fire

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Luffy, the energetic and adventurous captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, possesses a unique ability that sets him apart from all other characters in the One Piece universe: the power to stretch and contort his body like rubber, a power that comes to him through his devil fruit, The Gum-Gum fruit. In this blog post, we’ll be attempting to answer the question: how can Luffy use fire?

Over the course of the series, we’ve seen him utilize other elemental powers in various forms, from imbuing his attacks with flames to even summoning electricity. 

We will do this by delving deep into Luffy’s abilities and exploring how he is able to use them in battle. I have been closely following one Piece since 2008, and I will be your guide today. So get ready to ignite your curiosity and join us on this fiery journey through the world of One Piece. 

How can Luffy use fire in One Piece? 

How can Luffy use fire

The world of One Piece does indeed have fire ability users; these range from Ace and Sabo to Marco, the Lunarians and recently the Seraphims as well, but all of these characters have explanations for their use of fire-based abilities. Ace, Sabo and Marco get their power from their devil fruits, and the Lunarians are a different race, one with godly abilities; the Seraphim have their fire-based powers because of the Lunarian DNA Vegapunk used to make them. So our question remains, how luffy can use fire ? If all of these characters have logical explanations for their use of fire, why can Luffy use fire-based attacks. Oda is not the kind of writer to just give ability like that; there must be an explanation, though it may come in hundreds of episodes in the future. 

Fans of the series do have some theories as to how Luffy can use these powers. But before we talk about those, let’s have a look at what these fire-based powers look like.

Luffy’s Fire-Based Attack: The Red Hawk

How can Luffy use fire

We saw Luffy’s flame power, for the first time, during his fight with Hordy on Fishman Island. He used ability he called red hawk, and for many years, fans believed it was just Luffy carrying on the will of Ace. But now, there are many questions. How can Luffy use fire? Where do these flames come from? Some fans believe that Luffy sets his fist on fire by speeding up his blood flow, like he does in gear second, only at a much faster speed. But with recent developments in the manga, there are other theories.

Comparison of Luffy’s fire-based attacks to other characters in One Piece 

Compared with other One Piece characters, Luffy’s fire abilities are much more limited, but paired with his strength, they have a much higher destructive potential. His fire-based powers also do not give him control of his flames, but perhaps he may gain that control soon. 

The connection with Nika: an understanding of Gear 5

How can Luffy use fire

Many believe that it is the powers and abilities that Luffy gets from his Hito-Hito no mi that all low him to use fire; that has two possibilities. One, since the Nika fruit lets Luffy realize his imagination in more ways than one, perhaps it is Luffy’s desire to be like Ace that manifests as fire with the power of the Nika fruit. And second, as the Nika fruit gives Luffy the powers of the Sun God, it is only logical for Luffy to be able to use and, eventually, completely control fire. Fire is the element of the sun, and it is only logical that the other god fruits if they exist, each have their own element. Gear fire is the culmination of the Nika fruit’s power, and with it, we do see Luffy look like he is on fire.


Luffy’s fire-based powers are almost entirely unique in the One Piece world because they do not fall in line with the other powers given to him by his supposed devil fruit. But regardless of how the actual mechanics of it work, Luffy’s flames come from his devil fruit. Now, we discussed the possibility of Red Hawk being an extension of gear two, meaning the flames are created by the head produced through the enhanced flow of blood. This should explain why Luffy is usually in gear when he uses it. But logically, the argument of the fire powers coming from Gear Five, as an extension of the powers of sun God Nika, opens up a world of possibilities. If Luffy indeed gets his fire powers because he is the God of the Sun, this means that there is an infinite potential for growth in Luffy’s flames, almost to the level of the Lunarians. So we know that Luffy can use fire because of his devil fruit and its uniqueness.

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