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Does shanks have a devil fruit ?

Does shanks have a devil fruit

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Hello, One Piece fan !
In this coming article, we will answer the question : Does shanks have a devil fruit ? The idea is to delve deeper into the relationship between shanks and devil fruit to offer you a complete overview.
As a fan of this manga myself, I’ll be happy to guide you.
So take a seat and let’s sail !

Did Shanks get a devil fruit ?

The quick and easy answer is yes.

Shanks was in possession of the Gomu Gomu no Mi when he set foot in foosha. The wano arc gave us a little more information on how he got it (thanks who’s who). 

The question now is: was he aware that it was actually the hito hito no mi: model nika? Was the fruit intended for him? or for Ace? or for anyone else? 

Anyways, it was Luffy who ate it but I can’t stop thinking he knew exactly what it was because of his connections.

Is Shanks a devil fruit user in One Piece ?

The first image that comes to mind is his last-ditch rescue from the sea king to save Luffy’s life. 

This moment, so special and decisive for the rest of the plot, takes place at sea, and you can clearly see Shanks floating/swimming in the water with no apparent worries, even with one arm missing.

Someone swimming is not a devil fruit user !

However, this event took place when Luffy was seven years old and now, he is 19 years old.

So in 12 years, things can happen.

Is shanks a devil fruit user currently ?

When i’m writing this line, we are in the egghead arc (manga) and the end of wano (in anime), And the various appearances of shanks do not suggest the use of a devil fruit but an extremely powerful haki (maybe it’s enough for this character).

So I take the bet, Shanks is not a devil fruit user!

Will Shanks eat a devil fruit ?

One Piece often features battles of wits and power struggles between various characters and groups. Recently, we’ve had the introduction of the Divine Knights, members of the Gorosei are beginning to reveal their demonic powers, and giving Shanks a demon fruit could help balance out the series’ power dynamics and present more compelling challenges for the Straw Hat Pirates and other key players.

So the possibility to see Shanks eat a devil fruit exists even if it is really slim !

This allows me to move on to the theoretical part: 

What fruit should shanks eat ?

This space will give way to the wildest fantasies and theories. If Shanks is going to eat a demon fruit, it might as well be an overpowering one so to begin, I want to be a teasing person.

  • What if Shanks had or will have the water devil fruit aka Mizu mizu no mi ?
    In a manga with piracy and islands, being the user of the water devil fruit would mean controlling the seas. It’s perfect for Shanks.
  • Another one, really suitable for Shanks, it’s the Gura Gura no mi, the tremor-tremor fruit. What could be better than the fruit that can destroy the world for the man with the most powerful haki to date?
  • The Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu, or the Fish Fish Fruit, Model: Azure Dragon was Kaido’s devil fruit. Everything suggests he is dead so his fruit is available. Eating this fruit would make shanks even more monstrous

If another fruit pops in your mind, share it !!

Does shanks have a devil fruit ? Final words :

To be clear, Shanks was in possession of a devil fruit ! Something, we don’t know yet, was it for his personal interest ? But With the final stakes facing the manga’s protagonists, to balance the power, it’s not crazy to see Shanks getting devil fruit’s power.

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