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Do Shanks and Makino have a child?

Do Shanks and Makino have a child

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Ah, sailors of adventure and fine connoisseurs of the One Piece universe, the question that is dear to our hearts is as mysterious as the One Piece itself: do Shanks and Makino have a child? Hold tight, because we are about to navigate through the tumultuous waves of this theory as enchanting as the Sirens’ songs.

Makino’s Tavern: A Cradle of Secrets?

Picture the scene: sweet Makino, behind her counter, surrounded by baby bottles rather than bottles of rum. Yes, you heard right, a baby in her arms, and no, it’s not a miniature Shanks with a glowing red mane. The child’s hair is as dark as the moonless nights on the Grand Line, which has not failed to fuel speculation.

The Cocktail of Clues:

A Paternity Undercover?

  • Isn’t it strange that our dear Shanks, a pirate by trade and as free as the wind, shows such affection for a small, lost village like Foosha? Could there be a more personal reason, a family tie, perhaps?

A Toast to Motherhood:

  • Makino, with her smile as enigmatic as a treasure map, tells us nothing. But is her silence a blank check or a puzzle in itself?

Friendly Provocation: Deciphering Oda’s Silence

Breadcrumbs along the path:

  • Is Eiichiro Oda, our illustrious captain of all, scattering clues or playing with our minds thirsty for revelations? The community, like a tight-knit crew, is lost in conjecture. Especially after the author hinted in an interview, answering a fan’s question, that the father of Makino’s child « is probably that person ». Although this has never been explicitly confirmed in the chapters themselves, many fans have interpreted this response as a hint that Shanks might be the father, given their friendly relationship and Shanks’ obvious fondness for the village of Foosha and its inhabitants.

A Narrative Puzzle:

  • Every volume, every chapter is a piece of a gigantic puzzle. And what if this missing piece is precisely the paternity of our favorite redhead?

The Child at the Center of the Maelstrom

Let’s return to the child. A little being who, from his appearance, has unleashed a storm of assumptions. It’s true that children in One Piece are never mere extras.
They are the promises of the future, the heirs of powerful wills. So, what role will this little one play in the grand piracy saga?

Bold Hypotheses:

A Hidden Lineage:

  • If this child is indeed Shanks’, imagine the impact of this revelation on the storyline! An heir of Shanks is not just another child in the story, but a possible future legend.

A Powerful Narrative Link:

  • This child could be the missing link between narrative arcs, a bridge between generations, a potential future pirate as charismatic as his presumed father.

A Superlative at the Helm: The Theory at the Crest of the Waves

The most dazzling revelation:

  • If this theory proves to be correct, we would be facing the most explosive revelation since the mention of the name figarland. A family saga that could well change One Piece.

A Beam of Light on the Grand Line

  • For now, this theory remains a lantern in the fog, a mystery wrapped in a cloud of uncertainty. Yet, light could burst forth at any moment, dispelling the shadows of doubt.

The Final Word: Do Shanks and Makino have a child?

I want to believe that this child is Shanks and Makino’s. So, dear fans, as we scan the horizon for answers, let us remember that every theory is a treasure in itself, an adventure that brings us together. Perhaps one day, we will raise our mug in honor of the truth about this child and the validation of this theory.

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