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Did Kuma know luffy was nika ?

Did Kuma know luffy was nika

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Hello nakama,

A question is stirring up the fan community: did Kuma know luffy was nika?

So today, we will take a look at him. This legendary god has yet to reveal all his secrets, but he’s beginning to play a major role in the plot.
The buccaneers are the guarantors of the transmission of its history and that’s why for me, Kuma was the best character to judge if someone can be nika.

And I think Kuma didn’t know luffy was nika but we wanted to judge his potential and I’m going to expose these elements now !

Take a seat and let’s dive !

Kuma’s knowledge of Nika : 

Revealing flashbacks : 

did kuma know luffy was nika

We know that Kuma was aware of nika. His dad was talking to him about the sun god (chapter 1095)
“ Nika will come and take you out to sea where you will be under the sun and free …!!”

Kuma’s dad gave him this clue too : “Nika always smiles…”

Later, during chapter 1101, we can see Bonney asking Kuma about nika. According to Bonney, Kuma was already aware of Nika’s power, describing a free, elastic fighting style, eerily similar to that of Luffy.

Kuma’s interest in Luffy

did kuma know luffy was nika

In recent chapters, Kuma seems keen to keep a close eye on the Son of Dragon, perhaps discovering traces of Nika in Luffy through his use of Gomu Gomu no Mi. 

For sure, it wasn’t just the protection of Dragon’s son that motivated Kuma, but also a desire to see Nika through him.

Kuma’s Test: Zoro and Nika’s Betrayal

Remember thriller bark, an intriguing detail suggests that Kuma tested Zoro, aware that the original Nika had been betrayed. 

This hypothesis raises questions about Dragon’s knowledge of Joyboy, possibly obtained through Kuma or Ohara, and the implication of these revelations in the revolution against the Ancient Kingdom and Imu.

Kuma’s decision : separate the crew

This time, look back on sabaody arc, I still remember the heartbreak when the mugiwaras were dispersed.

At first, we took this moment as an act of malice but finally, this could be Kuma going all in on luffy.
And this is my conviction, at the time, he thought that luffy could become the reincarnation of nika.

Luffy, Nika’s Spiritual Successor?

Nika’s identity and the manifestation of the Devil Fruit

Nika’s true nature and the existence of a Devil Fruit in his name remain debated. 

Kuma, on seeing Luffy, could have perceived not Nika’s reincarnation, but a spiritual successor embodying his ideals.

Vegapunk’s role

Kuma’s relationship with Vegapunk, a devil fruit expert, may shed some light on this connection. 

Human desires and hopes, according to Vegapunk, are the source of devil fruit powers. 

Kuma and his ancestors, inspired by Nika, could have influenced the manifestation of Nika’s Devil Fruit, wishing to embody his qualities.

Did Kuma know Luffy was nika ? Final thoughts :

Kuma always believed in Nika and this hope followed him all his life.
Luffy and his gomu gomu no mi intrigued him to the point of convincing him that Luffy could be the chosen one.

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