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Can Zoro beat the whole Demon Slayer verse?

Can Zoro beat the whole Demon Slayer verse

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All around the Otaku’s community, we like arguing, about winners versus including a character we love. And, going through all of this, recall all the scenes which impressed us the most, testifying too how great they are. Today, we put in the spotlight Zoro, in a crossover of One Piece and the banger of 2020, said Demon Slayer. TOday, we will answer the question : Can Zoro beat the whole Demon Slayer verse? We are about to see how things will happen, in a battle between Zoro and the greatest fighters of the Demon Slayer verse. As usual, I will be your humble servant. I’ve been watching One piece since 2008 (already 14 years old !), and I’m always excited to talk about it. So, I’m pleased whenever it comes to lead you, and I expect you’ll enjoy this article.

How strong is Zoro?

Before sending our affectionate swordsman to Demon Slayer’s universe, let’s make a little check. A summary of the points that make of him, the great combatant we esteem so far. For sure, it is not a must. However, I would like to rewind all the goosebumps Zoro made us feel. Following this categorization, we’ll have:
  • Strength;
  • Durability;
  • Speed;
  • Weapons;
  • Extra-skills;

What assets does Zoro have?

We are going to start off with:
  • Strength
Jokes aside, he is one of the few who hurt Kaido in his hybrid form. Which is tougher than his normal form, when he jumped off the Sky Island. Another great feat, is the way he sliced off Pica’s 500 meters giant.
  • Durability
Zoro is known for his pain and tolerance. Most of his fights turns to endurance contest. Mainly when injured, he stands all damages, then overtake the opponent. Whether with the “strongest creature” Kaido, or the bulky Killer, I’m sure you found Zoro, just impressive too. Coupled to the animation, we were literally thrilled out.
  • Speed
His duel with Kuma, “the weirdo bear man” is the basic proof of Zoro’s speed. Sensing light speed attacks…, well. But dodging them, way to go. To make it clear, our favorite swordsman can escape from insanely fast attacks. I don’t expect him to teleport through miles, though.
  • Weapons
Considering Oden’s katana as a part of his armory, Zoro use some really legendary swords. Beside Enma, the coast’s splitter katana, the three-sword user also wields:
  • Shisui, a black Great Grade sword;
  • Wado Ichimonji, Kuina ‘s family sword from the debut;
  • Sandai Kitetsu, one of the third-generation grade swords.
With Wano country ’s arc, a whole new level of swordsmanship was introduced.
  • Extra-skills
Here, we include all the Haki abilities he learned, so far. Don’t forget Zoro belongs to the chosen users of “Color of the Supreme King”. And, that’s why he was especially “afraid” the Beasts Emperor Kaido. In addition, his Observation Haki and his Armament Haki are a real asset to his fighting style.

Would he be the number one in Demon Slayer verse?

So, let ‘s say that Zoro successfully got lost and ended up in Demon Slayer ‘s world. He should easily run into some potential contestants. As a little reminder, among the strongest, there will be the Hachira, the top of the current Demon Slayers, (commonly known as Pillars) and their stylish swords. On the other side, the unranked demons aren’t really worth comparing. Nonetheless, we will hopefully set on the roll the Upper Moons/ Ranked Demons. Tanjiro, “the steel-headed” will be implemented to the list too. Since he was turn into a demon, he’ll pop out in both categories. Afterwards, will come the last dungeon boss, said the “Mickael Jackson” demon, Muzan. To make it more fun, we are going to begin with the “light side”, the Pillars. Those who read the manga will know why picked the following guys. They all reached advanced swordsmanship, and owns the Demon Slayer Mark. So, the “Hachiras” team is composed of:
  • Giyu Tomioka, the “ice-in-veins guy” and Water Hashira;
  • Sanemi Shinazugawa, the Wind Hashira;
  • Gyomei Himejima, the Stone Hashira;
  • Tanjiro Tamado, the Yoriichi’s “spiritual’s son”;
  • Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the creator of all breathing styles;
As for the Upper Moons team:
  • Akaza, the most hated demon from the “Infinite Train arc”;
  • Kokushibo, the twin brother of Yoriichi;
  • Tanjiro Tamado (demon), the potential Demon King.
I would like to precise that the gap between each Upper moon is insane, as you climb the pyramid.

Who will Zoro struggle to beat?

Actually, not any random character in Demon Slayer is able to stand Zoro’s level. On the first step, the destruction scale in One Piece can be far tremendous compared to Kimetsu no Yaiba. Although, Zoro owns Enma, preventing him from using it won’t be fair. No need to do such “scale regulation”. He can also keep two of his swords, we cite previously. Reconnecting with the Hahira’s team, the Demon Slayer Mark will make them harder to beat:
  • Those guys could literally reach supersonic speed. Yoriichi could do even further. It’s tricky though;
  • Hachira are really advantaged with breathing styles, whether to intake or deal damages. With the Demon Slayer Mark, they experience another level of consciousness, speed and accuracy too;
  • With the “Transparent World”, Gyomei and Yoriichi will have an advanced Observation Haki-like;
Especially Tanjiro, after his training at the Stone Hachira, equaled the level of a Hashira, awakening the Demon Slayer Mark too. And, later both “Transparent World” and “Selfless State”. Thus:
  • Tanjiro can anticipate his enemies’ attacks, helped with Transparent World. Kind of slow-motioned reality, almost tying advanced Observation Haki;
  • His ability to perform the real Hinokami Kagura, the Sun breathing, is an incredible asset, in terms of speed, flexibility, endurance or accuracy.
  • With the Selfless State, Tanjiro temporarily fends out of his opponent’s attention. Like, when you don’t pay attention to an herb while facing a snake, but he is actually the snake.
Plus, considering his Bright Red Nichirin, which is literally a nichirin lit white-hot, it will be a real pain to confront. If Zoro comes to employ the Ashura mode, then, he can have the upper hand on them though. Starting off with the Demons’ side, you are probably wondering about the same evidence: Demons only die from sun exposure or decapitated with Nichirin. Zoro doesn’t wield such sword, so he has two options. Whether looking for some new weapons crafted by their swordsmiths, or fighting with his usual weapons, while waiting for the sun to show up. This is less plausible in areas like towns, unless he repetitively cut their members. But, that’s risky. Demons are really mischievous. In addition:
  • Akaza can regenerate his head when barely beheaded. He will be like healing all the time. Also, his sharp perception and the cursed technique Compass Needle, which lead the missed Rengoku to death, are just mind-blowing;
  • Kokushibo, apart from his insane regeneration, also possess Moon breathing, as a former Demon Slayer. He has access to Transparent World, and consume living thing by contact. As if it’s not enough, he is gifted of the Demon Slayer Mark.
There, Zoro would have to keep the fight lasting until the sun comes, then snare them.
  • Tanjiro Tamado (demon): Chose by Muzan itself, he is meant to be the ultimate Demon King of all time. Regeneration is a basic, and even sunlight doesn’t work on him, like with the fellow demons. And he could still use the Sun Breathing. He can unleash waving attacks, and he even blitz the Hachira. And as a Demon King, unlimited endurance is guaranteed.
Literally, the fight will plausibly find an end, with Ashura or when Zoro will die from exhaustion.

How will the versus with Muzan be?

As the strongest above the Upper Moons, Muzan is obviously the greatest demon being ever.
  • Not only can’t he die, when his head is cut off, but he is just immortal. Except when exposed to sunlight;
  • He has fighting master skills of over 1000 years;
  • He is faster than Yoriichi, the breathing styles creator;
  • Muzan could even inject his blood in Zoro’s body to kill him;
Possibly, he could just escape and stay undercover, if things turn wrong. The Demon King Muzan is literally a whole subject himself. That why I put the following link to let you enjoy how it could end Zoro vs Muzan !

Can Zoro beat the whole Demon Slayer verse ? FInal words :

In a nutshell, Zoro could beat most of the Demon Slayer fighters, mainly relying on the Ashura mode, and the Conqueror’s Haki. But about the demons, if he doesn’t earn nichirin swords, he will just be killing them until the sun shows up. Concerning the Demon Kings, the fight will go on, till the human, said Zoro whether dies or uses Ashura.
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