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Can Zoro beat Katakuri?

can zoro beat katakuri ?

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It is one much encounter that we will be talking about today as I guide you through what would happen within a hypothetical setting if two of the stronger and fan-favorite characters in the series battle it out. Who would win, and how the battle might okay out.

Today, we will answer the question : Can Zoro beat Katakuri ? 

As you guess, for this fight, in the Red corner, The swordsman of the Straw Hat pirates and the most promising aspirant for the title of « Strongest swordsman in the world, » Roronoa Zoro, and in the Blue corner, The second son of Charlotte Linlin, one of the three sweet generals, Charlotte Katakuri.

Zoro vs Katakuri, The categories :

Honestly, in an all-out battle between these two extraordinary characters, the end result is somewhat unpredictable and depends almost entirely on the circumstances; only Oda himself can give us a yes or no answer as to whether or not Zoro can defeat Katakuri, but throughout this arc, I will be comparing the two, squaring them off against each other on the criteria of

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Haki
  • Feats
  • IQ
  • Motivation
  • Bloodlust

And coming to a plausible conclusion to our question.

(Just to make things clear, for your understanding, this battle takes place, in a post-Wano setting, as such a spoiler alert is now in effect.)

Can Zoro beat Katakuri on Strength ?

The first thing that comes to mind when comparing two characters is, who’s stronger? The answer to this question is not as confusing as one would think. I believe a post-Wano Zoro could give Katakuri a run for his physical strength. In his battle against Luffy, Katakuri gives us a clear idea of where he ranks in brute strength.

Still, we also know that Zoro is perhaps the most conscious member of the Straw Hat crew, being the only one constantly engaged in weight training and powerlifting. This gives a clear idea of where they both stand regarding strength. Personally, based on feats, I believe a post-Wano Zoro takes the edge.

Strength goes to Zoro.

Can Zoro beat Katakuri on Speed ?

I don’t think much explanation is needed in this category; with his devil fruit ability and maneuverability, Katakuri simply takes the edge on speed. Even a post Wano, king of hell Zoro, does not come close to sleep that the Mochi-Mochi no mi gives Katakuri.

Katakuri takes speed.

Can Zoro beat Katakuri on Endurance ?

Very few characters in the One Piece world meet Zoro’s level of endurance; he has been surviving injuries that would almost certainly kill others since back in the Baratie arc.

Katakuri also has a significant amount of endurance, as seen in his fight against Luffy. Yet, based on the sheer amount of damage Zoro has tanked, endurance goes to him.

Can Zoro beat Katakuri on Haki ?

To understand if Zoro can beat Katakuri in terms of Haki, we need to look at all three types of Haki,

  • First up, Armament. I believe Zoro has Katakuri beat in armament, based on the amount of damage his armament-coated attacks deal out. Zorro’s Advanced armament is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Observation: The fact that Katakuri is known for his future sight will help him greatly in a battle against Zoro. However, he is a skilled observation user, can not hope to match Katakuri’s advanced observation.
  • Finally, Conqueror’s Haki, seeing how rare this type of Haki is said to be within the One Piece world, it’s ironic that both these characters possess it. I am tempted to give this win to Katakuri based on his experience with this type of power. Still, the amount of damage that Zoro’s conquer-coated attacks have been known to do makes this category a tie.

Overall, Haki is a tie.

Can Zoro beat Katakuri on Feats ?

Katakuri is a fantastic fighter and has, without a doubt, been through many fights, leading to his reputation of never losing, based simply on the fact that we have more to go on with Zoro.

We have seen him do all the fears he attributes to his abilities, such as blocking an Emperor combo attack, surviving being cut by Mihawk, mastering Enma, and perhaps the greatest, Scaring Kaido. I believe Zoro wins with feats. Nothing happened; need I say more.

Can Zoro beat Katakuri on IQ ?

Katakuri takes IQ; I won’t waste time here. Zoro may be among the strongest characters, but he is nowhere near the smartest.

Can Zoro beat Katakuri on Motivation ?

In terms of motivation, I believe we have reached another tie. Though I believe Katakuri has the more noble motivation of protecting his family, Zoro is driven more by his desire to beat Mihawk.

We have another tie.

Can Zoro beat Katakuri on Bloodlust ?

Zoro is a literal demon, with the King of Hell being his title; I believe zoro would best Katakuri in terms of bloodlust and destructive power.

Can Zoro beat Katakuri ? Final words :

We now come to the actual battle, can Zoro beat Katakuri, post-Wano. I believe the answer is yes, though it would be an incredibly challenging battle, Katakuri’s speed, his logia-type abilities, and his future sight would hinder Zoro greatly.

At a distance, they would be lethal and probably cause Zoro to fight. But at a distance, Zoro can damage Katakuri with his Conquer coating attacks, which can even injure Kaido. It will be a tough battle, and as they say, it would be high to extreme difficulty, but Zoro wins.

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