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Can Zoro beat Gon ?

can zoro beat gon

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One Piece and Hunter x Hunter are among the most famous and popular series in the Animanga community, with both amazingly complicated plots and power systems. It is a consensus among the fans that « Nen » from Hunter x Hunter is the best-developed power system in all of anime, making Hunter x Hunter a contender for the title of the best-written anime. Still, One Piece has merits for that title based on its incredibly complicated and farsighted plot.

With both series having such large fan bases, there have long been arguments among the fans regarding the outcomes of fights between characters from both series, how would be a fight between a One Piece and Hunter x Hunter character would look, and what the outcome would be.

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Zoro vs Gon, the match-up


It will be one such argument that we will be going over today, and the two characters that will be facing off today, are Roronoa Zoro and Gon Freecess.

Now, in truth, we have no way of knowing what a real fight between Gon and Zoro might look like, but the question we will be looking for an answer to will be,

Can Zoro beat Gon?

Zoro vs Gon, the categories


To find an answer to this question, we will put Zoro and Gon against each other on a metric of predetermined categories to reach an outcome. The categories are:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Power
  • Abilities
  • Destructive capabilities
  • Potential
  • Battle IQ
  • X factor

For clarification, this match-up will be between a post-Wano Zoro and a full power/Adult Gon.

Can Zoro beat Gon on Strength ?

As fans of both shows will know, both Gon and Zoro are unfathomably strong characters, with adult Gon being scalable with Meruem in terms of brute strength. We saw Meruem use his strength against Netiro, which gives an idea of what Gon can do.

It would lead one to believe that Gon can take on Zoro in terms of strength, but as fans of One Piece can ascertain, One piece characters are crazy in terms of physical capabilities. Zoro has shown feats that put him in a whole other league, being strong enough to cut mountains.

Based on feats alone, Zoro wins in terms of strength.

Can Zoro beat Gon on Speed ?

Now again, scaling Gon with Meruem, who could dodge light-speed attacks. We know that Gon is incredibly fast, with his attack and reaction speed being arguably quicker than light. Now when it comes to Zoro, the only significant feats of speed we have been dodging Kuma’s paw-paw canon and keeping up with Kaido and King in terms of speed.

Now, based on that, we can say that even though Zoro has unfathomable reaction speed, Gon wins speed.

Can Zoro beat Gon on Endurance ?

Even though Gon is comparable to Meruem in terms of abilities, and his endurance is great. He even being able to keep fighting with his arm ripped off in base form, does not have the same kind of endurance as he is not a Chimera ant. It is no mystery that Zoro is a monster in terms of endurance, with an unlimited number of feats, from taking Luffy’s pain to keeping up with Kaido, to back this claim.

Based on what we have seen so far, Endurance is a tie.

Can Zoro beat Gon on Power ?

We have seen Gon’s power in great detail. Being a brawler, he relies on his power significantly, and in his adult form, that power is among the greatest in his verse. The way he decimated Pitou gives us a clue about his attack power.

Zoro has an insane amount of attack power as well, but power and strength are two different things, and based on the scaling in both shows, Zoro one ups simply because the power structure works differently in One Piece.

Zoro wins power.

Can Zoro beat Gon on Destructive capabilities ?

Even though we have not seen much of adult Gon in action, his comparison to Meruem shows us that he is exceptionally destructive, yet we have witnessed Zoro cut mountains and wound dragons. Zoro can split entire islands in two should he let loose.

Zoro wins Destruction capabilities.

Can Zoro beat Gon on Potential ?

Even though Gon is unbelievably powerful in his adult form, we know that that is his limit. It is the extent of his potential. He cannot grow beyond that. On the other hand, Zoro is continuously growing more and more powerful, meaning he still has potential beyond his current state.

Zoro wins potential.

Can Zoro beat Gon on Battle IQ ?

Even though Zoro is an excellent fighter and a genius in battle strategy, he cannot match the brilliance that Gon shows in battle. Even in his blind anger, Gon is still far smarter than Zoro in battle.

Gon wins Battle IQ.

X factor

We now conclude our discussion. Even though Zoro holds the upper hand, a fight against Gon will be highly unpredictable, he will be a challenge, yet yes, Zoro can beat Gon. Still, it will be an exciting fight, and based on the conditions, Gon may even surprise us.

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