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Can Usopp beat Franky?

can usopp beat franky

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As our lovable characters grow through battles, we often need to gauge their value through battles with either mates or enemies.

This time, the battle simulation will involve the two engineers of the Straw Hats, said Usopp and Franky.

We will contrast Usopp and Franky, on key qualities in a fight, and give them points to determine the true winner.

Today, I will be your dedicated guide. And I’m passionate as soon as it comes to the One Piece universe, which I fancies since 2008. I hope you’ll enjoy this article.

Here we go!

Usopp vs Franky, the categories

All that’s incoming takes into consideration all of the events up to Wano Ku Ni. This battle will take place according to the following categories :

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Haki
  • Power
  • Battle IQ
  • Engineering
  • Accuracy

So, let’s go.

Can Usopp beat Franky on Strength?

Beforehand, note that Franky is no less than a cyborg, meaning all of his physical abilities globally enhanced.

Back to Thriller Bark, he was able to manipulate pillar’s nunchakus easily. Which were quite enough heavy.

And I can’t move on without reminding the incredible fight between him and Sasaki, and all the mecha vibes raised in this one. He lifted the latter and threw him through some of the castle’s rooms, displaying immense strength.

Although, as a normal human, Usopp definitely can’t keep up. In fact, unlike the fake 5-ton hammer, he can’t lift weights over 5 kg.

Oda purposely didn’t give Usopp any major power-ups. He needed the fandom to maintain a normal human perspective among these literal sea monsters.

So, we give this first point to Franky.

Can Usopp beat Franky on Speed?

God Usopp is a real sprinter as he often « hit and run ».

He dramatically improved his speed at the end of his survival training on the Boin Archipelago.

When you’re the weakest being on such a terrifying island, you don’t have many options.

But Franky is barely capable of more.

He is the heaviest member of the Straw Hats, hence the slower one.

It was confirmed in SBS interviews – Vol 85.

Without any cybernetic enhancements, Franky couldn’t overtake Usopp. But, if he uses them, Usopp can’t keep up. First of all, the Coup de vent can burst air flows, to blow enemies away or make quick moves. Giving him high mobility in fights.

And usually, Franky doesn’t hold back.

So, unfortunately for Sogeking, Franky grabs 1 point in the Speed contest.

Can Usopp beat Franky on Endurance?

Franky has superhuman endurance, due to his cybernetic enhancements.

Back to Enies Lobby, he held out enough intaking powerful strikes from Fukurou and striking back at the same time. He even ended up with non-severe damages while out of Cola juice.

He could withstand the Baby buster attack without any escape trial against Senor Pink. And, it was so impressive since the impact spot was his back, the only part of his body unenhanced at this right moment.

Fortune or toughness, Franky successfully survived the flaring explosion of Vegapunk’s secret laboratory on Katakuri’s island.

What I’m not sure Usopp can do so.

On the other side, Usopp showed occasionally great resistance throughout the story. His two-year training helpt him gain endurance.

For someone like the former Usopp, it’s exceptional to notice both physical and mental progression.

I was even surprised not to be baffled, when he rose up to his feet, barely after intaking the violent headbutt of a Tobiroppo of the Beasts Pirates, Ulti.

Note that the same attack ended up blowing Luffy away, as he enhanced his forehead.

Although, Franky could also do so.

Thus, we are giving this point to Franky, who deserves it the most.

Can Usopp beat Franky on Haki?

In the contest, we have 3 potential points to earn, each one for every single Haki type.

  • About Armament Haki, neither Franky nor Usopp has it. Of course, if they were to be chosen, Franky will be a more valuable user.

So, no points are earned here.

  • Concerning Observation Haki, Franky doesn’t wield it. But the holy feat of God Usopp already attested that he possess it.

So, Sogeking grabs this point.

  • Finally comes the Conqueror’s Haki: none of them have this aptitude. Although, my choice for a potential user will lean over Franky.

No point gained there.

Thus, we have a total of 1 point for Usopp’s sake.

Can Usopp beat Franky on Power?

Multiples techniques we have seen recently at Wano Country. I’m sure that inside his head, every battle was striking the “showtime” button.

All of his dope mecha-inspired attacks were just outstanding, whether against Sasaki, or all of the other fights throughout Wano. The icing on the cake is “Iron Pirate General Franky” which is nothing, but highly powerful.

Its powerful beams, the Gaon Cannon and the Franky Radical Beam are proven to deal monstrous damages.

Sasaki can undoubtedly attest now.

As far as Usopp is concerned, he doesn’t have as impressive firepower, as his comrade. He excels as a backup, and not as a big damage dealer.

It will be hard for his plant-inspired seeds to compete with Franky’s busted mechas.

Usopp doesn’t have less holiness though.

We have another point owned by Franky in the Power contest.

Can Usopp beat Franky on Battle IQ?

Usopp is a clumsy yet unwittingly valuable strategist.

The devilish fish-man Daruma has a lot to say too, since he underestimated him, but got defeated.

Back in Alabasta’s kingdom, he successfully used Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas’ mole hole system to defeat them, supported by Chopper.

And, he perfectly employed Sugar’s trauma to save Luffy and Law.

But, as the former gang’s leader, Franky is particularly shrewd.

Whether with Fukurou or Spandam, he tricked them in such a perfect way. His Coup de Boo’s fake explosion helped him to escape safely with Robin.

Also, when Chopper lost control over his Monster Point, he exploited his weakness, as a Devil fruit user: the sea. Thus, he saved his mate from certain death due to fatigue.

Franky doesn’t only have reflexes, he gets the hang of timing in fights and redisplayed it against Sasaki.

Thus, Franky deserves 1 point in this contest.

Can Usopp beat Franky on Engineering?

Since he joined the Straw Hats, Franky is the shipwright of the crew.

From there on, he started tuning their ship with new upgrades. Giving it much-advanced maneuvering and enlarging its leeway.

He spent all his childhood along with skillful crafters, and therefore he is so knowledgeable.

Aside from the ingenious invention, the Clima’tact from Alabasta, Usopp didn’t come up with a lot of contrivances. Of course, he served as the shipwright of the Vogue Merry. And it is mainly why he was heartbroken as their previous vessel was reaching its journey’s end.

But even Usopp acknowledged that Franky is more experienced than him. It makes sense when you see the giant leap the Thousand Sunny could perform, and since he also helpt him to enhance Nami’s weather stick.

The “power” of Cola outsteps the holiness this time.

That’s why Franky gains 1 point here.

Can Usopp beat Franky on Accuracy?

Franky showcased his marksmanship, several times when shooting at hordes of enemies in Dressrosa, and on Fish-man Island.

Even recently against Sasaki, he managed to direct the powerful Radical Beam shot at the latter’s weak point.

However, a human, be it a cyborg, can’t stand a god’s accuracy.

Usopp is already the sniper he wanted to be, since the lifetime feat of Dressrosa.

With the Observation Haki by his side, he is nothing but the “king of snipers”.

Thus, Usopp earns 1 point in the Accuracy contest.

Conclusion :

We’re reaching the end of this simulation with a total of 6 points for Franky and 2 points for Usopp’s sake. Which makes Franky our great winner, with medium difficulty. 

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