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Can Shanks beat Mihawk?

Can Shanks beat Mihawk

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Something that makes One Piece so special is that its battles are as interesting as its worldbuilding, besides, over time it has become a trend that the strongest characters become close friends after fighting together or with each other.
For this and many other reasons, several theories decipher the friendship between Dracule Mihawk and Shanks, whether it was born from sharing a battlefield or from having fought them.
So we wonder, can Shanks beat Mihawk?
We are getting closer and closer to more epic battles and it becomes likely that we will see this happen in canon, as Cross Guild and Shanks’ crew have the same goal now: the One Piece.
So let’s evaluate who would win between these two pirates, let’s pick up the anchor, and let’s sail!

Shanks vs Mihawk

The relationship between both pirates has likely been similar to that of Whitebeard and Roger, a conflicting enmity that after some battles found in each other an equal.
Especially because both waited a long time before deciding to go for the One Piece, which implies that they have very similar goals.
Something they also share is the little battle time they appear in the anime/manga, so we will have to evaluate every aspect that puts them in strong positions of power.
Mihawk as a former shichibukai and Shanks as a yonko.

Criterias for battle assessment

In a fair fight both characters would use their full potential at the same time, however, to know who has the best chance of winning, we will use the following assessment points:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Power (destructive capabilities)
  • Endurance
  • IQ
  • Battle IQ
  • Haki

Can Shanks beat Mihawk in terms of strength?

If we go by the muscle mass shown by both, it seems that Shanks possesses greater physical capacity. Neither of the two has been seen in a melee battle, as they use swords to fight.
So I will go out on a limb and give this point to Shanks.

Can Shanks beat Mihawk in terms of speed?

Both have been shown evading attacks without problems and defending quickly, which would imply that they are on equal terms, although if we consider that Mihawk is the best swordsman in the world, it may be because of the speed with which he perceives attacks and attacks.
So Mihawk wins this category.

Can Shanks beat Mihawk in terms of power (destructive capabilities)?

This particular category is quite challenging, in the few times that both use devastating attacks, many are the ones who end up wounded and destroyed.
Mihawk has managed to break a tsunami in two during the Marineford war and, recently, Shanks’ destructive power was shown when he smashed the entire Eustass fleet.
However, Mihawk seems to be more destructive than Shanks, so the point goes to him.

Can Shanks beat Mihawk in terms of endurance?

Something else they share is the ability to end a fight as soon as it starts, so we’ve never seen a fight that lasted longer than 5 minutes, however, Shanks faced Whitebeard and this suggests he can fight someone on the level of the Pirate King.
Shanks wins.

Can Shanks beat Mihawk in terms of IQ?

If there is anyone who knows many secrets of the world, it is Shanks, not only has he traveled the sea as a pirate and been part of Gol D. Roger’s crew, but he has also been seen meeting alongside the gorosei.
While Mihawk is constantly reported as a pirate and as a former navy contributor, however, the gorosei places a greater weight on Shanks’ capabilities.
Shanks wins.

Can Shanks beat Mihawk in terms of battle IQ?

Shanks has shown himself to be more of a defensive character, if he can avoid a fight he will and he has the power to intimidate them.
Mihawk on the other hand, often likes to play with his opponents despite wanting to end the fight quickly, besides, the title of the best swordsman in the world wouldn’t go to just anyone.
Being able to wield a sword requires a great capacity for strategy, knowing the enemy’s moves, and knowing how to end the battle.
Point for Mihawk.

Can Shanks beat Mihawk in terms of haki?

To determine who would be the winner when using haki, we must evaluate each of them and how they use it to their advantage, we have to consider that Shanks has been confirmed to possess all three types of haki and, for Mihawk to have reached his current level, he most likely possesses them as well.
Conqueror’s haki: Shanks has been the one who has used this type of haki the most between the two, which makes sense as his will is strong and he has a great leadership capacity for being the captain of an entire crew.
Armament haki: this ability is used by both of them and with this, they are able to coat their swords to fight against big opponents.
Observational haki: there is something about Mihawk’s fighting ability, that makes us believe that he has one of the most capable observational haki of all, however, during Shanks and Eustass’ encounter we could see Shanks’ haki ability and it is to be feared, so both are likely at the same level.
Looking at things this way, they will most likely be in the same position, maybe Shanks with a higher conqueror’s haki but with the same fighting ability as Mihawk, so tie.


Shanks is one of the characters that we have most expected to see in combat and, fortunately, we are getting justice by seeing him more involved in the story, but beyond the camaraderie that Mihawk has with Shanks it seems that the redhead possesses such power that not even the best swordsman in the world can face him.
It would be a tough fight because of the level playing field, and most likely neither would come out unscathed, it would probably be a bigger battle than Punk Hazard. And you, how do you think a battle between them would happen?

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