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Can Sanji beat Might Guy?

can sanji beat might guy

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One piece and Naruto have long been among the most popular and loved series within the anime community. With millions of fans worldwide, both series have seen their fair share of discussion and theories. Naturally, fans of both franchises have long debated how characters from One Piece and Naruto would fare in a confrontation. That’s right, as always, fans have always fought over the outcomes of battles between their favorite characters.

What will we be talking about today?

It is one such matchup that we will be going over today. Stick with me as we go over the facts and see if Vinsmoke Sanji, The cook of the Strawhat pirates, can win a battle against Might Guy, The green beast of Konoha. The pertinent question, I believe, would be, Can Sanji beat Might Guy?

The problems with the battle

Now, as you may gather, giving a decisive answer to that question is practically impossible because both characters belong to two different series with hugely distinct power structures, storylines, and character arcs. Their battle would be entirely unpredictable and unprecedented. We honestly have no way of knowing how a battle might realistically play out.

Can sanji beat might Guy, the categories :

However, we can put both Sanji and Guy on a predetermined metric of categories to determine how a hypothetical battle might play out and who might come out on top.

The categories both of them will be battling it out on will be:

  • Strength

  • Speed

  • Endurance

  • Power

  • Destructive capabilities

  • Stamina

  • Motivation

  • X factor

Can Sanji beat Might Guy on strength ?

I believe it is no mystery that Guy and Sanji are powerful characters, and their strength has benefited their allies on many occasions. Guy has demonstrated his ungodly strength on many occasions using the inner gates. Even though Sanji has not been trained nearly as hard or as long as Guy, his natural strength makes him a force to be reckoned with. Should Guy make use of the eighth gate, which, to be honest, is like a cheat code, there would be no comparison between the two, but even without the gate of death,

Guy wins strength.

Can Sanji beat Might Guy on speed ?

As I mentioned before, Guy cannot be defeated in any category with the Eighth gate of death. Still, we will not be considering the eighth gate for the category of speed, as it has a one-time use and cannot be maintained for long, meaning its use in a speed battle would be counter-productive. And as we very well know, Sanji is unbelievably fast as a character, perhaps the fastest on the Strawhat crew. Therefore, he can match and outspeed the green beast without the final gate.

Sanji takes speed.

Can Sanji beat Might Guy on endurance ?

It is no mystery that we have seen Guy take his fair share of damage in the series, even if the severest of it was self-inflicted. Still, he has terribly reacted to being hurt, meaning his endurance is relatively low. Fans know well enough that One Piece characters have been known to have higher endurance, and Sanji has recently shown that he can withstand a lot of damage.

Thus, Sanji takes Endurance.

Can Sanji beat Might Guy on power ?

In terms of power, I believe both characters are somewhat evenly matched in their unique fighting patterns. Even keeping the Eighth gate at a side, I think that power is balanced.

Power is a tie.

Can Sanji beat Might Guy on destructive capabilities ?

Sanji and Guy are careful fighters, with Guy primarily relying on Taijutsu and Sanji using a kick-centric fighting style. But it does not take a lot of analysis to see that the gates are a fighting style with an infinitely more significant potential for destruction, with the eighth gate increasing that potential exponentially.

Guy wins destructive capabilities.

Can Sanji beat Might Guy on stamina ?

Even though we know that Guy is an increasingly better fighter when it comes to combat and can put up a very challenging fight, from his personality, we see that he quickly loses interest and that he cannot maintain his fighting style for highly long intervals, whereas Sanji has shown that he can last incredibly long in fights with relatively low fatigue, though the margin is quite low and arguable,

Sanji wins stamina.

Can Sanji beat Might Guy on motivation ?

Guy is known for his personality and speeches about youth. Even though he was born relatively weak, his ambition to beat Kakashi and grow stronger than everyone pushed him along the way. One can argue that Guy never really stopped growing in strength, even if the Eighth gate is the ceiling of his power; even without it, he is known as The Green Beast. In contrast, Sanji has never really had a very powerful ambition; his motivations are relatively peaceful.

Thus, Guy wins in terms of motivation.

X factor

Finally, after going through all the categories, we now come to the point where we must answer the question we had asked. Can Sanji indeed beat Guy?

I believe in a battle where Guy can use all of the gates, including the gate of death, there is no way Sanji can win.

But should Guy be limited to the seven gates, I believe Sanji can beat Guy.

God D. Steees

God D. Steees

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