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Can Sanji beat his Father?

can sanji beat his father

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Vinsmoke Sanji, or Blackleg Sanji, as he was known before his true identity was revealed, is the cook of the Strawhat Pirates, not to mention one of the strongest members of the crew. He is, after all, one of the “Monster trio.” 

For many One piece fans, Sanji is their favorite character, and rightfully so, as he is the only one among the crew, whom Oda-Sama gave not one, but two incredibly sad and captivating backstories. 

It took a large portion of the series before it was revealed to fans that Sanji is, in fact, a prince. Sanji is the third son and fourth child of the King of the Germa Kingdom, Vinsmoke Judge. 

Judge is arguably among some of the most hated characters in the series, owing to his obsession with power and his disregard and abuse of Sanji.

Sanji and his family, The Question we will be looking at.

Sanji was treated extremely badly by his father and his brothers during childhood, as the Judge considered him a failure. Ironically, it is funny for fans that Sanji has grown far stronger than his brothers. But many fans still wonder how strong Sanji is, in terms of his family, the actual question being, can Sanji beat his father?

Sanji versus his father, The categories :


As we know, Sanji and his father did have a brief face-off in the story, but we never saw any actual fighting. So to determine the results of a battle between Sanji and Judge, we will put them against each other on a predefined metric of categories.

And for the sake of a fair battle, Judge will not have his human shields, though he will have his tech, and Sanji will not be holding back.

The categories will be:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Haki
  • Power
  • IQ
  • Battle IQ
  • X factor

Can Sanji beat his father on strength ? (h3)


However disgusting Judge may be as a character, we know he is very strong, as he managed to initially tank Sim of Sanji’s attacks. Logically, his raid suit and tech give him enhanced physical strength. 

Still, the fact is plain and simple, against a Sanji who is not holding back in terms of brute strength, especially post Wano, Judge does not stand a chance.

Sanji wins Strength.

Can Sanji beat his father on Speed ? (h3)


As we know, the raid suits of the Germa enhance the user’s speed exponentially. 

As Judge is obsessed with superiority, his suit must also make him unbelievably fast, as we saw during his brief conflict with Sanji. 

Still, we also know that Sanji, is the fastest among the Strawhats, and is a complete demon in terms of agility, there is no way he loses.

Sanji wins speed.

Can Sanji beat his father on Endurance? (h3)


As a character, Judge seems to act in a very cowardly manner when he feels that his life is threatened.

As we saw during the events of the Tea party, we have not really seen Judge in an actual fight, but his irrational fear would lead one to believe that he cannot tank much damage. 

Sanji, on the contrary, has proved that he has an almost ungodly level of durability, managing to tank attacks from Queen in the manga with ease. We gave proof of this back in Skypia by taking Enel’s attacks head-on.

Sanji wins endurance.

Can Sanji beat his father on Haki ? (h3)


Though Judge has shown that he has knowledge of Haki, we haven’t ever seen him use it, as he mostly relies on his technology in a fight. 

Still, even if we assume that he can use the two common types of Haki, it is reasonable that he would be a decent user of Haki. 

But in no way would he ever be able to match Sanji in terms of Haki, as Sanji has mastered both Armament and Observation, making him a beast when using Haki.

Sanji wins Haki.

Can Sanji beat his father on Power ? (h3)


The raid suits were designed to enhance a user’s power as well, giving them an advanced level of destructive capabilities, and so that we can believe Judge would possess. 

There is no doubt that he would be a formidable fighter, but keeping in view the feats that Sanji has exhibited, to put him and Judge against each other in terms of power, is unfair.

Sanji wins power.

Can Sanji beat his father on IQ ? (h3)

I put IQ on this list because I actually felt sorry for Judge, there is no field he can beat his son in, but being a skilled scientist, having worked with the likes of Vegapunk and Cesar Clown, we can sadly say that,

Judge wins IQ.

Can Sanji beat his father on Battle IQ ? (h3)

Judge may be smarter than his son, yet even that can not really aid him in a fight against some. 

Sanji is an exceptionally brilliant fighter and has come up with entirely new techniques in the middle of battles. He is an innovative fighter and as such.

Sanji wins Battle IQ.

X factor (h3)

Now we finally come to a close, and I believe the results speak for themselves; Sanji can absolutely annihilate his father and all of his siblings in battle, especially post-Wano, where he, as the rest of the Strawhats, now stands on a whole other level.

Sanji has far surpassed his family in all terms and has taken revenge on them for being called a failure by being on the crew of the future Pirate King. 

Sanji wins against Judge, Low-Mid difficulty.

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