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Can Mihawk beat Kaido?

Can Mihawk beat Kaido

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For a long time we have seen epic battles between great characters with a lot of power, we have also had opportunities to see how characters without a captain title face captains of other crews.

This implies that One Piece characters are not guided by a title to face others, thanks to this we have been able to see Zoro facing Kaido, for a while with some difficulty in keeping up with the yonko, but ultimately managed to hurt him.

This event led us to think, can Mihawk beat Kaido?

We know that Mihawk is number 1 among the top swordsmen, maybe Zoro still has a way to go to reach that level but to beat Mihawk and manage to face Kaido, would mean that Mihawk would be very close to the level of power and skills of the yonko, no?

I have been following One Piece since 2008 and I think this adventure will be exciting, so get ready and let’s sail!

Mihawk vs Kaido

Mihawk, the best swordsman in One Piece, is a character who will avoid conflict if he can but he’s not afraid to face big enemies either, if possible he will form a strategy to finish the job fast and move on with his life.

Kaido of the beasts, this nickname not only reflects that most -if not all- of his allies possess zoan fruits, but also his stamina and power, he tends to have a fickle temperament and likes things done his way.

A fight between the two characters could have unleashed great events in the world of One Piece, now that Kaido has been defeated by Luffy we know that this moment will never happen.

However, that Zoro managed to stand up to the yonko, implies that Mihawk has a power -more or less- equal to Kaido.

Could it be possible that Mihawk could stand up to him?

Categories for battle assessment

As they are different types of fights and because they have never interacted, we must try to be as impartial as possible, so we will use the following categories to evaluate them:

  • -Strength.
  • -Speed.
  • -Power (destructive capabilities).
  • -Endurance.
  • -IQ.
  • -Battle IQ.
  • -Haki.

Can Mihawk beat Kaido in terms of strength?

There is no need to dig too deep on this point to say that: Kaido would win.

The man not only possesses immense muscular strength but has also been considered powerful and invincible by civilians, the navy, and other pirates.

Can Mihawk beat Kaido in terms of speed?

Although Kaido is a character so tall that he rivals Big Mom’s height, he has fast reflexes and actions, making anyone who faces him have trouble defending and attacking him.

Mihawk, on the other hand, usually calculates before attacking, besides, he has quite efficient reflexes, so he probably wouldn’t have so many problems to face Kaido.

This category is a draw.

Can Mihawk beat Kaido in terms of power (destructive capabilities)?

During the fight against Kaido we saw how in his full dragon form, he launched a destructive fire that easily destroyed the ruins of Oden’s castle and destroyed the mountain in half.

Mihawk, for his part, shattered a tsunami in half during the Marineford war, although we have not yet seen the full potential of the swordsman, most likely his destructive power can not compete against Kaido.

Kaido wins.

Can Mihawk beat Kaido in terms of endurance?

If something they both share is the duration of their fights, Mihawk prefers to finish them quickly, and Kaido, although he doesn’t want to finish quickly, has a huge power that ends up defeating his enemies a few minutes after starting the battle.

However, Kaido is a battle beast and loves to fight, so if a fight is extended he will have enough energy to continue.

In this case, Kaido would win.

Can Mihawk beat Kaido in terms of IQ?

It might be a bit complicated to know everything Kaido knew, as he doesn’t seem to care too much about how the world works, he survived most of his life feeling superior to others because of his inability to die and went about carrying out his plans.

Whereas Mihawk, being more calculating, is usually informed and aware of what is going on in the world. Which makes it likely that he has a higher IQ than the yonko.

Point for Mihawk.

Can Mihawk beat Kaido in terms of battle IQ?

Mihawk would most likely not take on Kaido without a plan and would seek solutions to any challenge the yonko puts in front of him.

However, Kaido is no slouch, he may be a beast who is mostly guided by his brute strength but he wouldn’t have made it to the yonko level with that skill alone.

So it remains a draw.

Can Mihawk beat Kaido in terms of haki?

We do not yet know if Mihawk possesses all three types of haki, but Kaido does, so we will evaluate both as if they possess all types of haki:

-Conqueror’s haki: between the two, because of their ability to impose terror and because of their strong will, Kaido most likely possesses a more powerful conqueror’s haki than Mihawk.

-Armament haki: it has been seen that Kaido uses a kind of advanced armament haki that makes him more resistant than he is, while Mihawk uses his haki to coat his sword and boost his strength.

-Observational haki: Kaido is not seen using this haki too much and is surprised by Luffy’s ability to have it advanced, Mihawk surely possesses a type perhaps more advanced than Luffy’s, so he would have the advantage.

In this category both are pretty evenly matched, Kaido himself has said that haki is more important than any fruit, so it would be interesting to see them use these abilities more freely.

They are a tie.


Kaido would win in a battle against Mihawk.

Although it wouldn’t be for lack of potential or strategy on Mihawk’s part, to take on the yonko you have to have a lot of power and stamina.

Which character -besides Luffy- do you think could face Kaido?

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