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Can Luffy stretch his pp?

can luffy stretch his pp

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Luffy, the charismatic captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, possesses the unique ability to stretch and contort his body like rubber, thanks to consuming the Gomu Gomu no Mi, and has shown this ability on many occasions.

However, a fascinating question arises: Can Luffy stretch every part of his body? And more specifically: Can Luffy stretch his pp?

That question may have a comical nature, but we’ll try to approach it with some level of seriousness. In this blog post, we embark on an exploration of Luffy’s rubber powers, delving into the extent of his elasticity and examining the limits of his ability to stretch. Join us as we delve into the mysteries of Luffy’s incredible abilities and unravel the truth behind his remarkable powers.

I have been following One Piece since 2008, and I will be your guide today!

So take a seat, and let’s sail!

How can Luffy stretch his pp?

can luffy stretch his pp

A rather simple answer to our question would be a logical yes because Oda himself has dealt with this question before. When a fan asked Oda, in more or less the same terminology, can Luffy stretch his pp? Oda gave the answer, « Yes because he has consumed the Gomu-Gomu no mi, he can stretch his penis.

This gives us our answer, but since there were no follow-up questions, we do not know the complexities of how Luffy can do that or what it may look like. But you don’t have to worry; we’re here to answer the questions no one will.

Because the Gomu-Gomu no mi turns Luffy’s body into Rubber, as we know, that seeks to argue that, like the rest of his…appendages, his pp is also made of rubber. Meaning that it is flexible and can be stretched.

This means, logically, that similar to how Luffy can Stretch his arms to do the Gomu Gomu pistol and legs to do the Gomu Gomu whip, he can stretch his pp to do…whatever he wants.

But another follow-up question that now comes to mind, can he make his pp thicker? Or change its shape along with its size? To answer this question, we would like to talk about the nature of the gears, specifically, gear third. In gear third, Luffy fills his body up with air and transfers it to his arms or legs to have the limbs and powers of a giant. Now, logically, once inside his body, Luffy could control the flow of this air, meaning he could send it wherever he wanted.

So yes, Luffy can grow his pp and make it thicker; in fact, with Gear 3, he can have the pp of a giant. But how far can this ability go? What we mean to ask is, how far can Luffy stretch his pp? Well, we address the concern of Luffy’s limits in a similar post; to learn more, click here: how far Luffy can stretch? 

Can Luffy stretch every part of his body?

Now, another logical query that needs to be addressed is, can Luffy stretch all parts of his body. By that, we mean can he stretch his ears, his nose, his eyes? Because if he can, in fact, stretch his pp, that would mean anything is possible.

To answer that, we again go back to simple logic, Luffy is made entirely of rubber, meaning, yes, his whole body is stretchable. We have seen Nami, and others, pull on and stretch Luffy’s ears and nose many times. The fact that Luffy can change the shape of his body completely with the gears is another example of the fact that his whole body can be stretched.

This is a circular argument because knowing that Luffy can stretch his pp made us question if the rest of the body can also be stretched, and knowing that it can, in fact, be stretched, makes us more sure that Luffy can voluntarily stretch his pp.

Can Gear 5 Luffy stretch his pp?

Now we ask that question that everyone will have on their minds by this point. If Luffy can stretch his pp, how then does Gear 5 affect that? In other words, we ask, can Gear 5 Luffy stretch his pp. Now. Naturally, anything that bases Luffy or gears second to snake-man Luffy can do, gear 5 Luffy can do better.

But if we look at it from the ability point of view, gear 5 Luffy has proved, as the manga stated, that he can do many things, anything that he wants; his power is to literally turn imagination into reality.

So, we argue that Gear 5 Luffy can stretch his pp, change its shape, turn his surroundings into pps, anything that he can think of really. There is no canonical limit to his abilities; as long as he can imagine something, it will happen.

So yes, Gear 5 Luffy can stretch his pp.


Based on Oda’s statement in the SBS, we already had our answer in simple and straight terms, but we explored the how. We proved that Luffy can apply the Gears to his pp, not only making it stretch but also changing its shape, and in doing so, painted a picture that you will probably never be able to get out of your mind; you’re welcome. 

But what do you believe? Can Luffy actually stretch his pp? Do let us know. We await your response.

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