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Can Luffy control when he stretches ?

Can Luffy control when he stretches

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We all know the iconic Devil Fruit of Monkey D. Luffy and his attacks that use the momentum from stretching so today we will talk about whether or not Luffy can control when he stretches his limbs or body parts fully or not.

We will answer the question : Can Luffy control when he stretches ? In taking a look at all the gears of Luffy and then determine in which gears can he control his stretching.

I started my journey with One Piece when I was a child, and the reason why I write on this series is so that more and more people can know about its wonderful world and I hope my writing can help other people enjoy this series or help them in their questions.

Can Luffy control when he stretches?

Let us address the elephant in the room, and although this question may seem weird at first but looking back in gears 2 and 3 whenever Luffy used his devil fruit to stretch and attack his opponents he never controlled it after he stretches his body, sometimes he even had to force himself to stop his attacks

A prime example of this is when Luffy tries to punch marines in the marineford war but as they try to cut his arms he stops it and withdraws as he could not control the direction.

Can Luffy stretch at will in gear 4?

Although most of Luffy’s attacks in the gear 4 states require him to exert momentum to stretch and attack and it does not change, there are some exceptions to gear 4.

It is his Gear 4 Bounce Man’s Culverin attack that required him to use the momentum to turn the path of flight of his attacks against doflamingo.

There is one more exception and its the Gear 4 Snake Man, Luffy uses this form in his fight against Katakuri.

In this mode, the control over his Culverin is very exceptional as not only does it turn and change directions at Luffy’s will but it is also incredibly fast to the point that Katakuri who could see a few seconds in the future was having trouble predicting where it would go next.

Can Luffy stretch at will in gear 5?

Gear 5 is special as it allows Luffy to do almost anything and makes him almost omnipotent with his devil fruit, granting him the ability to turn everything into rubber and his fighting style seems almost too cartoonish because of it

Although there is not yet any feat in gear 5 that Luffy showed we can see and conclude that Luffy can stretch at will, however, it is still far too early to say anything about gear 5 since it is only recently introduced even in the manga and we will have to wait for more usage of gear 5 to determine if Luffy can truly stretch his body at will or not

Can Luffy control when he stretches ? Final words :

Luffy in his gear 2nd and 3rd is not able to control his stretching at will and it is the same in most of the gear 4 forms however in his bounce man and snake man forms Luffy has shown to control his stretching at will and at an exceptional control

After careful analysis and comparison we have come to the conclusion that Luffy can in fact control his stretching at will in gear 4 bounce man and snake man form and although there is no feat so far yet that shows his control in gear 5.

We, however, believe that he is able to control his stretching in gear 5 as it is an awakening of the fruit and a better gear by the logic of reasoning.

After control here, we talk about distance in this article : HOW FAR CAN LUFFY STRETCH?

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