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Can Luffy beat Yusuke ?

can luffy beat yusuke

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Hello One piece lovers,
The Wano arc of One piece has officially ended, and Luffy has now become far stronger than he has ever been. With Gear 5, he has broken all previous power standards, and fans now wonder how strong he has become. Can Luffy finally beat characters from other series? 

For example, can Luffy beat the likes of Yusuke Urameshi from YU YU Hakusho? With the abilities granted to Luffy by gear 5, the answer is probably yes, but the details are fascinating, read this article to find out.

Luffy vs Yusuke

By the end of his series, Yusuke inherits the powers of Raizen and becomes unbelievably powerful, at which point his feats and strength are incomparable within his own series. 

If this match-up were to take place before Luffy gained gear 5, Yusuke would have indeed won, but now, we can’t be too serious. To better understand what a battle between Yusuke and Luffy would look like, we will place them both against each other in several categories to see who comes out on top.

I, as someone who has been following both series and has experience with power scaling, will be your guide.

The Categories

The categories for the match-up are.

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Power
  • Abilities
  • IQ
  • Battle IQ
  • X factor

Can Luffy beat Yusuke on strength?


Luffy is an unfathomably strong character. His feats are a clear indication of his brute strength. 

Though it is clear that we do not have a definite estimate of his strength, lifting buildings and knocking out dragons shows us that he is a force to be reckoned with. Luffy, like most characters in OP, has an outlandish amount of physical strength, and with gear 5, that outlandish factor has only been amplified.

That being said, we know that Yusuke is capable of lifting hundreds of tones. His physical capabilities are undeniable. At the rate his power increases, he could even be a problem for Luffy. But based simply the fact that Luffy can now strength limited only by his imagination puts Yusuke at a disadvantage.

Luffy wins at strength.

Can Luffy beat Yusuke on Speed?


Though we have seen Luffy dodges light-speed attacks and maintain an almost unnatural agility and attack speed, he is at a disadvantage in this category. We know well enough that almost all of Yusuke’s later foes in the series had light-speed agility, and Yusuke managed to not only match but outspeed them.

With his lightning-fast movements, Yusuke would not only be able to match but, in fact, over, come Luffy’s unpredictable movements.

Thus, Yusuke wins speed.

Can Luffy bead Yusuke on endurance?


As durable as Yusuke is, having survived taking an unholy amount of damage and brutal training, he has honed his skills to the extreme, but at the end of the day, he is still only just human, even with the demon parts.

Logy is made of rubber, and with gear 5, he is untouchable. He can take any amount of damage thrown at him and still be almost unaffected. This makes things hard for Yusuke, with his Superior durability.

Luffy wins endurance.

Can Luffy beat Yusuke on power?


Both Luffy and Yusuke have an ungodly amount of power, and with that power comes the potential to destroy the other, Yusuke can dish out these spiritual and demonic powers, and Luffy can literally change the nature of reality.

With gear 5, Luffy can hope to match the pure destructive power that Yusuke had at his deposal. But this situation gives none of them an advantage.

Power is a tie.

Can Luffy beat Yusuke on Abilities?


When we look at it plain and simple, Yusuke has his spirit gun, his spiritual and demonic powers, and the precision that comes with them, yet on the other hand.

Luffy has a whole arsenal of abilities, all of which are off the charts. From his Kong gun to the Red ROC, Luffy clearly has more abilities at his deposal.

Luffy takes the win at abilities.

Can Luffy beat Ysuske at IQ?


This is a predicament. What is one to do? Both members of the party are dumb. Yusuke and Luffy are not the smartest characters, yet Yusuke improves over the course of his series. 

But one thing that needs stop to be made clear is that, between Luffy and another dumb character, Luffy always loses.

Yusuke wins IQ.

Can Luffy beat Yusuke on Battle IQ?


Both characters are brilliant fighters. From Yusuke’s brilliant ideas to Luffy’s creativity, both of them have incredibly perceptive minds. Even though Luffy has based his entire fighting pattern on his creative thinking and innovative attacks, Yusuke has genuinely surprised readers with his genius.

Both of them, in different ways, are unmatched in their battle IQ.

Battle IQ is a tie.

To read the similar and interesting match-up between two battle geniuses, take a look at Gear 5 Luffy vs Goku

X factor


And now, we come to our conclusion, Yusuke is a very powerful character, and even with gear 4, he could very possibly have beaten Luffy; Gear 5, however, does change things. 

With his new strength and unpredictable powers, Luffy can turn the tables and would change the nature of the battle entirely.

Luffy can beat Yusuke with mid-high difficulty.

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