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Can Gear 5 Luffy beat Goku ultra instinct?

Can Gear 5 Luffy beat Goku ultra instinct

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Among the shonen stories, there have been several quite popular and accepted by the Japanese and world public, the classic of classics Dragon Ball and the now best current manga, One Piece.

Both characters have many things in common in personalities despite having a different plot, so it is common for fans to compare them, especially in things related to power.

This time we’ll answer the question : Can Gear 5 Luffy beat Goku ultra instinct?

I’ve been a fan of One Piece for many years, besides being a die-hard Dragon Ball fan, so this adventure will be interesting.

 if you’re ready, grab a snack and get ready. Let’s Sail!

Luffy vs Goku ultra instinct

Gear 5 Luffy is a charismatic character, powerful and willing to surprise with his tactics and strategies, while Goku has always been a lover of martial arts, however, we must take into consideration that the scales of power between the two stories are very different.

While, in Dragon Ball, Son Goku was already capable of destroying large mountains and causing great damage by transforming into a large monkey under the moonlight, his power was increasing until he became a Super Saiyan capable of destroying even planets.

And in One Piece the scale of power can be said to be smaller, some weapons can destroy islands or large crews of ships and, surely, there will be many characters who can do it with haki or akuma no mi abilities, but there have never been talked -until now- of someone capable of destroying the whole world.

Can Gear 5 Luffy beat Goku ultra instinct? The fight’s categories:

For this reason, a fight between the two must be logical and under some categories, so we will use the following:

  • -Strength.
  • -Speed.
  • Power (destructive capabilities).
  • Endurance.
  • IQ.
  • Battle IQ.
  • Haki.

Can Gear 5 Luffy beat Goku ultra instinct in terms of Strength?

There is a difference between the two transformations that makes Goku win in this category.

From the first moment, Son Goku awakens the ultra instinct the earth seems to shake, and chunks of earth fly in the air, implying that just using it overflows strength all around, so in a fist-to-fist fight, even if Luffy put up a fight, Goku would win.

Can Gear 5 Luffy beat Goku ultra instinct in terms of Speed?

At this point, the two are probably evenly matched.

Both Goku in ultra instinct and Luffy using Gear 5 are fast enough to evade each other’s attacks, or even to hit each other at the same time creating a big impact on their surroundings.

Can Gear 5 Luffy beat Goku ultra instinct in terms of Power (destructive capabilities)?

For Luffy to smash large amounts of earth, or do a lot of damage, he would need to deliver more than one heavy blow, whereas it has already been seen that Goku only needs to use ultra instinct and combine it, perhaps, with kame hame ha to create even more damage.

Point for Goku.

Can Gear 5 Luffy beat Goku ultra instinct in terms of Endurance?

Both are the kind of charismatic, fight-loving characters capable of enduring long enough to defeat their foes both would probably end up exhausted in a first encounter and take a break to eat and sleep before fighting again.

So, if a fight depended on endurance, the two would be evenly matched.

Can Gear 5 Luffy beat Goku ultra instinct in terms of IQ?

They’re both dummies.

If they had a test to find out who is the smarter, they would probably be tied, however, I’m inclined to think that Goku has a point or two more than Luffy, and this is only because he learned to drive in his spare time.

Whereas Luffy relies on others to supplement his shortcomings, so point to Goku, barely…

Can Gear 5 Luffy beat Goku ultra instinct in terms of Battle IQ?

Goku has gone from battle to battle facing great enemies, one of them, the one I consider the most intelligent is Freezer, who can develop strategies without problem, and Luffy on his side has trained to face unknown enemies that, in one way or another, make him have to think what to do before fighting.

Goku masters techniques and strength in battle, but Luffy knows more about improvisation and analysis in battle. Luffy wins.

Can Gear 5 Luffy beat Goku ultra instinct in terms of Haki?

We know that Goku does not dominate, does not know, nor possess haki, being a different story, however, the ultra instinct is a state that allows him to stay calm and increase his skills as a fighter, so we will evaluate how the haki would help Luffy in a battle. 

  • Conqueror’s Haki: It wouldn’t help at all, it would only end up surprising Goku, but he could easily overcome it.
  • Armament Haki: Making use of this haki could do a lot of damage with each hit to Goku, weakening him more and more.
  • Observational Haki: the ultra instinct is able to make Goku react faster to attacks, it was seen during his battle against Jiren, so both would be tied.

The haki would be the most important ability for Luffy, as ultra instinct and haki have in common that they increase the abilities of their bearers.

Can Gear 5 Luffy beat Goku ultra instinct ? Final words :

This would be one of the most complicated battles for our beloved captain, especially for the damage capacity that Goku is capable of, although he could surprise him from time to time with his creativity and Gear 5 powers, it would be very difficult for him to win.

Goku for his part would be very excited about this fight, and would surely ask Luffy to take more time to develop his power and meet again for another fight.

Goku would win against Luffy using ultra instinct.

If Luffy could destroy the entire world, do you think he would be able to defeat Goku? Let us know in the comments!

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