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Can gear 5 luffy beat gojo ?

can gear 5 luffy beat gojo

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Comparing 2 different characters from any show or series is a widespread occurrence, especially among anime fans, in this case, it would be between Monkey D. Luffy from OnePiece and Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen, both characters are one of the most popular from their respective show’s and both are powerhouses when it comes to their abilities.

Today, we will answer the question : Can gear 5 luffy beat gojo ? We will be judging both characters on a few criteria where we will analyze both of them in detail to see which character holds a candle above the other in the respective category and then based on the results from those categories we will determine the final winner of this conflict once and for all.
I have been charmed by the beauty and wonderful experience that manga and anime provide ever since I was a child, I have been actively watching both One piece and Jujutsu Kaisen regularly even reading their manga, I have been writing for over 3 years now and I write on anime in hopes to get more to know more about it.

Can gear 5 luffy beat gojo ? the criterias :

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Destructive Capabilities
  • Durability
  • Abilities
  • Iq
  • Battle IQ

Can gear 5 luffy beat gojo on Strength ?

As the formidable captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy has already showcased incredible feats of physical might, elevating his strength to extraordinary levels with the aid of his previous gears. However, the Gear 5th will allow him to go even futher.
Gojo’s reputation as an elite sorcerer in Jujutsu Kaisen precedes him, boasting incredible speed, reflexes, and combat abilities that make him a formidable force to reckon with.
Despite this, the strength’s point is going to Luffy.

Can gear 5 luffy beat gojo on Speed ?

Luffy developed a way to increase the blood flow to his organs and cells which in turn vastly increases his Speed and also gives his body increased metabolism which means his body exerts more strength and heals faster than others, this technique is called gear 2nd.
And his gear 4 and gear 5 also use the same mechanics behind gear 2nd making him additionally faster than he was in gear 2nd, allowing him to easily dodge bullets and move faster than a human eye can catch.
Satoru Gojo physically can be seen to be fast enough that normal eyes cannot perceive him and he is seen to travel at an insane amount of speed, however, he is not faster than light and definitely not faster than Luffy who can dodge lightning.
After analyzing both characters we have determined that Luffy is faster than Gojo in speed and therefore the point for this criterion will be handed to Monkey D. Luffy

Can gear 5 luffy beat gojo on destructive Capabilities ?

Luffy’s gears 3rd 4th and 5th give him enough destructive capability to take down Big Mom who could destroy countries and also defeat Kaido who is said to be the toughest creature alive in One Piece so it is safe to assume that Luffy has enough destructive capabilities to destroy Islands and even countries
Satoru Gojo on the other hand, his attacks are seen to be at a level where he can destroy mountains without any issue however the most we can see from Gojo’s attacks is him displaying equivalent force to destroy mountains or small parts of a city so it is safe to assume that the destructive capabilities of Gojo are no on Island and country level.
Once again Monkey D. Luffy takes another criterion win point and this time it’s the winning point for Destructive Capabilities/Strength.

Can gear 5 luffy beat gojo on durability ?

While already very durable because of his Rubber Devil Fruit, Luffy takes no damage from bludgeoning attacks and the only way to harm the user is by using sharp slashing attacks or using Haki, in addition to being durable naturally.
Luffy also becomes incredibly more resilient when he uses Gear 4 as he clads his entire torso in Armament Haki which makes his bone structure as well as his body not only Durable but also retain its Rubber-like properties, in Gear 5 however Luffy can freely use his Devil Fruit abilities to affect his surrounding and make them into Rubber like softness as well causing him to become even more Durable
While Satoru Gojo is Incredibly powerful with his abilities, his durability however remains very weak as he still has a normal human body meaning anyone who bypasses his ability can harm him and he would take damage just like any other human.
Monkey D. Luffy is the winner of this criterion win point.

Can gear 5 luffy beat gojo on abilities ?

Luffy’s Abilities :

  • Over the course of the series, Luffy developed a number of techniques that he has named Gear 2nd, Gear 3rd, Gear 4th, and Gear 5th, respectively. Gear 2 allows him to pump more blood to his organs more quickly, which speeds up his speed and gives him a stronger metabolism. Gear 2 also gives him a significant strength boost. However, Gear 2nd is most well-known for its speed.
  • Gear 3 is a staple for massive assaults with a lot of strength for Luffy; in Gear 4, he uses his torso as an intersection for the air and wraps his torso and arms in Armament Haki giving him extremely destructive prowess as well as durability. Gear 3 also offers Luffy big bones and muscular structure.
  • Finally, Luffy can turn his surroundings into Rubber during his Awakening, also known as Gear 5, and he has considerably more leeway when it comes to employing his Rubber-like abilities, which increases his strength and durability.

Gojo’s Abilities :

  • Satoru Gojo possesses a great deal of cursed energy, and he also possesses the Limitless inherent technique, which was passed down through the Gojo family line and enables users to control and modify space-time itself right down to the atomic level.
  • One of Satoru Gojo’s well-known moves is called « Infinity, » and it can slow things down. Specifically, it can slow down anyone attempting to attack Gojo. Once they hit the « infinity, » no matter how many or how swift their attacks, they will ultimately be stopped by the « infinity » which is constantly defending Gojo.
  • Additionally, Gojo has three extra techniques that he named after colours. For example, the curse technique Blue enables Gojo to create a little black hole that draws everything into its centre, while the curse technique Red allows him to deal twice as much damage to opponents as he would normally.
  • Gojo’s third and most notable technique is when he combines Red and Blue to create Hollow Purple, a move that not only obliterates everything in its path but also drastically reduces the toughness of anything it strikes. This means that no matter how tough the enemy is, if Hollow Purple hits them, they will perish or take a huge amount of damage.

The winning point for this criterion is quite easily handed over to Satoru Gojo.

Can gear 5 luffy beat gojo in IQ ?

This is a point that will be distributed quickly!
Gojo is a sensei in his universe and in spite of some passages where he plays the idiot, he is nevertheless super intelligent. He gave us some thoughts proving this fact.
As for Luffy, he perfectly meets the specifications of the shonen hero, « fool with a heart of gold and an iron will »!
The point of intelligence goes to Gojo!

Can gear 5 luffy beat gojo in Battle IQ ?

I must clarify that determining the most intelligent fighter between Luffy and Gojo is not as simple as it may seem. Both characters are skilled fighters in their respective worlds, but they use vastly different tactics and strategies.

  • Luffy, the main protagonist of One Piece, is known for his unique fighting style that revolves around his devil fruit abilities and his physical strength. He is also known for his resourcefulness and quick thinking in battle, often coming up with unexpected strategies to overcome his opponents.
  • On the other hand, Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen is a powerful sorcerer who possesses immense magical abilities. He is also highly analytical, capable of assessing his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses in seconds. He uses his intelligence to create a detailed battle plan, which allows him to outmaneuver his opponents with ease.

In terms of pure intelligence, Gojo may have the edge over Luffy due to his analytical skills and strategic mindset. However, it’s important to note that Luffy has defeated incredibly intelligent opponents in the past, such as the genius tactician Caesar Clown and the master strategist Doflamingo.

Can gear 5 luffy beat gojo? Final words:

Even though Monkey D. Luffy has dominated in 4 categories earlier and had a huge advantage, Gojo Satoru, however, came in clutch with his incredible abilities and won the final point.
While we were judging both characters and even though Luffy was in front in Speed, Strength, and Durability, he, however, cannot hope to win against Satoru Gojo’s stupidly strong Abilities/Hax, therefore, we have decided that in a 1v1 Satoru Gojo would win this battle quite easily and it would come to me as a big shock if Luffy is even able to land a single blow on Gojo.
If you like this format, fight between two verses, take a look on luffy vs Aizen !

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