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Can chopper beat arlong ?

can chopper beat arlong ?

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Hello one piece lover, 

Today, we will take a look at a fight between 2 hybrid characters.

On my left, there will be Tony Tony Chopper, or just Chopper for the one piece followers, he is the medicine of the “mugiwara” pirates.

On my right, there will be one of the first antagonists of the manga, the fishman who hurt our favorite navigator nami-swan, I summon “Arlong”.

In this article, we will select some indispensable qualities in a fight to compare both  of our competitors and attribute them points for each category.
Whoever has the most points will win.

Anew, with great pleasure, I will guide you, so let’s go !


Can chopper beat Arlong ? The categories :


A question I was asking myself, is it relevant to compare Arlong, a character we haven’t seen since chapter 95, with Chopper who gets a full training camp during the time skip ?

Finally, I thought it would be interesting to see a fight between them. After all, both of them come from grand line. Arlong was a sun pirate, he probably navigated on the new world seas and chopper belongs to the future pirate king crew.

So, to define fairly the outcome of the fight between Chopper and Arlong, we will oppose them according to this metrics :

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Haki
  • Power
  • Battle IQ


Can Chopper beat Arlong on Strength ?


We all know that Arlong comes from fish-man island. This race is famous on the one piece seas, unfortunately to be slaves during long time for celestial dragons entertainment but especially, to be people with a big strength. 

Despite that, Chopper can use his transformation, Monster Point who allow him to get the strength of a giant


Chopper wins the first point in Strength.

Can Chopper beat Arlong on Speed ?


During his fight against luffy, Arlong showed a velocity higher than a regular human but Chopper can use his mutation in Jumping point, his speed and agility increase.

About speed, Chopper wins the point.

Can Chopper beat Arlong on Endurance ?


The fight opposing luffy to Arlong, shows us how much Arlong can be resistant and durable. With his big physical strength, he can fight for a longtime.

On the other side, in Heavy point, the strawhat’s doctor already demonstrated how much he can be endurant in a fight ( hello kumadori) during enies lobby event.

For the nostalgic :

Let’s say, it’s parity.

Can Chopper beat Arlong on Haki ?


Arlong didn’t fight using haki, I would say, it’s normal. It was just the start of the manga

We can say the same for Chopper, no haki used during his fights but he seems the one closest to unlock it.

So, no point.

Can Chopper beat Arlong on Power ?


It’s unfair this part. Chopper has the advantage of his demon fruit. He can transform in : 

  • Walk point (normal reindeer)
  • Brain point (usual transformation)
  • Heavy point (fight pre-timeskip)
  • Jumping point (to increase velocity/agility)
  • Arm point (destructive attacks)
  • Horn point
  • Kung fu point (fight post-timeskip)

There is still guard point and monster point “in the bag”.

Chopper wins power.


Can Chopper beat Arlong on Battle IQ ?


If we take a look in the back, at list for 15 years, Arlong navigates on the seas. For sure, when he was a sun pirate, he fought. When he decided to create his own crew, he thought too. This is a lot of experiences in battle.

Chopper is new “in the game”, he doesn’t fight a lot.

For the experience, Arlong wins Battle IQ.

In conclusion :

It’s time to count the points. Chopper won in strength, speed and power. Arlong gets just a point in battle IQ. I think the gap between these two characters is too important. Arlong can’t just compensate with his battle experience. Chopper wins against Arlong, Low- difficulty.

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