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Is Luffy multi continental ?

Is Luffy multi continental

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Greetings, One Piece fans! 

With the manga now moving towards revelations about Vegapunk, Kuma and even the Five elder stars and the anime moving into the more exciting parts of the Wano arc, the series is thriving. 

There has never been a better time to be a One Piece fan.

Today, we will answer the question : Is Luffy multi continental ?With the introduction of Gear 5 and Luffy’s awakening abilities, he has now become potentially one of the strongest characters in the series. This new power up has left fans so utterly confused that many are still unable to come to terms with just how powerful Luffy has become. 

Thus it has become rather hard to put a label on Luffy’s strength.

But some fans claim that Luffy has now become a Multi-continental level character. Meaning that with his new power, he is able to destroy multiple continents with ease. 

Though we understand that it is highly unlikely, join me as we go through the events of the series to see if Luffy has ever exhibited any feats that support this statement. Both before and after Gear 5.

Luffy’s power

Over the course of the series, Luffy has slowly grown more powerful; his gradual increase in power is phenomenal. 

But at the start of the series, Luffy is nowhere near as powerful as he would need to be to gain continental or Multi-continental status.

Start of the series, Luffy can barely knock down a building. Let us see how his power increased over the course of the series, to understand where he stands now.

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Is Luffy multi continental Before the Time Skip ?

Pre-time skip Luffy did not have much improvement from when he actually started his journey. The Gears debuted at Enies Lobby was the only significant increase in his power.

And even with both gear 2 and 3, Luffy was still just Building-to-City block level. 

There was no possible way that this Luffy could even destroy a city, much less multiple continents. 

The gap in Luffy’s strength that he needed to overcome was phenomenal. It was after the events of Marineford, where the true big guns of the show were revealed that Luffy began to grow in terms of power.

Is Luffy multi continental After the Timeskip ?

Post-time skip, Luffy has literally been on fire. With abilities like the Kong Gun and Grizzly Magnum, he has shown that he can level city blocks with ease. 

With the speed and strength he showed on Dressrosa and Whole Cake, we can easily call him City level at this point. His Gear 4 and the effects of his Haki, Luffy, made Luffy a tetanic force. 

But even at this point, we can classify Luffy as City level and maybe small island level at best. Meaning he was not even continental level and far from Multi-continental. 

But that changed with Wano. The Wano arc ended with the entire power structure of the One Piece world being flipped on its head.

Is Gear 5 Luffy Multi-Continental ?

After Luffy awakened the true power of his devil fruit, the mythical Zoan type Hito-Hito no mi, all power rankings went out the window. The power of the Hito-Hito no mi is literally the imagination. 

Luffy can do whatever he wants to. 

By definition, there is no limit.

We saw this when Luffy turned into a giant and quite literally toyed with Kaido.

Logic would argue that, if there is no limit, Luffy could grow to a gigantic size and crush a continent with ease. 

If his imagination is the only limit, nothing can stop him. But then again, that would mean Luffy is completely broken, and no other character can compare to him. 

Thus we are forced to make our decision only based on that which we have seen and not what should be theoretically possible.

There is every justification that Luffy can be continental or Multi-continental, should he want to be. 

He can change reality and turn himself and anything he wants onto rubber, meaning he could pick in and flip an island or a continent at will, but he has yet to do this. 

We have not seen Luffy perform any feats of destructive power that would prove his Multi continental status. 

So we have to logically claim that Luffy is not Multi continental. But we also make it abundantly clear that he has the potential according to the definition of his new powers.

Luffy is not Multi-continental, but he can be if he wants to be. 

But again, this is with regards to the one piece world, which we need to understand is unique in every single way; no outside power scaling method will apply. 

So we are still waiting for an actual answer.

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