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Is Luffy Continental ?

Is Luffy Continental

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Greetings, One Piece fans!

Never in the history of the Once Piece series has it ever been a better time to be a fan. The Anime is moving into the most exciting part of the Wano arc and the manga is putting out chapter after chapter of absolutely amazing additions to the story. 

Today, we will answer the question : Is Luffy Continental ? With Dr. Vagapun, the Seraphim and now Kuma, the manga has moved into a fascinating new arc. But the followers of the series have still not been able to wrap their heads around the absolutely broken powerup that Luffy received near the end of the Saboh arc.

Luffy’s Gear 5 abilities make him an absolute beast, with no way for us to know the actual extent of his power. This has left Luffy’s powers up for debate. Based on a popular power ranking system, some fans argue that Luffy is a “continental” level character. Meaning that Luffy has the power to destroy a continent with ease. 

Well, Today, we will try to confirm this assumption.

I will be your guide as we try to answer the question: Is Luffy Continental?

Luffy powers

Over the course of the series, Luffy has done feats of incredible strength on many occasions, but do these feats prove that he can be classified as continental? 

We will go over some of Luffy’s feats, both before and after his receiving Gear 5, to where he scales in terms of destructive power. 

Now what needs to be understood is that the strength and power systems in one piece are very unlike other anime universes. 

There is no super Saiyan level, planet-destroying Ki blasts, nor are there elemental Jutsu charged by unlimited chakra. 

The characters in One piece cannot scale with other shows in terms of destructive power. However, characters like Whitebeard do show power, as we do know he could destroy the world should he want.

To read more about how Luffy may actually be even more powerful than Continental, check our article “Is luffy Multi-continental level ?« 

Is Luffy Continental Before-Timeskip ?

Before the time skip, Luffy was barely even Building level. 

In cases of extreme turmoil, as we saw when he got stuck during the Aqua Laguna, could he cause any kind of large scale destruction at all. Luffy’s Building level status was solidified with gear 3. 

But Luffy was still far from continental in terms of power. This would mean that if Luffy indeed accomplished this feat, it was after the time skip. 

Most of the characters’ pre-time skip, with the exception of Whitebeard and maybe the admirals, were nowhere near as destructive as continental level.

Is Luffy Continental Post-Timeskip ?

After the time skip, Luffy became far more powerful. Having trained under Rayleigh’s guidance, Luffy became a force of nature. 

But when we saw Luffy at Sabaody after the skip, he was still not nearly strong enough to be continental. 

We see him dodging the attacks of the pacifista and taking it out with one single punch. At this point, the best classification of Luffy would be to call him City Bloch level. 

With the power of gear 3 and haki, he would be able to level multiple buildings in a single attack. But he is still not nearly strong enough.

However, if we keep moving forward, Luffy shows abilities like Kong Gun and Grizzly Magnum that have the ability to level mountains. 

As we see more and more of Luffy’s power moving towards Wano, his stance on the power scale slowly rises. 

By the time the Wano arc rolls around, Luffy can be called City level, perhaps even small island level. 

But still, post-Wano, Luffy is not Continental.

Is Gear 5 Luffy Continental ?

During his fight with Kaido, Luffy grew. 

He became more powerful than ever before, with his attacks becoming powerful enough to level cities easily. 

But I believe people fail to understand what Gear 5 actually means. 

There is no limit to Luffy’s power in gear 5, meaning that, should he want, he could simply grow to a gigantic size, as we saw him doing during the Kaido fight, only much bigger, and simply crush an island. His powers would be able to morph reality. 

This would mean no logical scenario is applicable. 

Luffy would be continental if we wanted to be.

With gear 5, imagination is the only limit. That being said, we have not seen any practical example of that. 

Thus to call Luffy Continental based on a theory and no proof would be very unfair. 

Therefore we have to argue that a post-Wano Gear 5 Luffy has the potential to be a continental-level destructive force of nature, bending reality and shaping it to his own will. 

Still, on the other hand, Luffy has shown no feats that would confirm it. Based on Luffy’s win against Kaido, the best we can call Luffy is island level.

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