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How Tall is Kaido ?

How tall is Kaido

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Greetings, One Piece fans! Welcome to another interesting post where we look at the fascinating world of One Piece and try to answer some of the most burning questions asked frequently by the fans of the series. Today, we talk about one of the most well-known antagonists in the series, Kaido of the Beasts. Fans have always been fascinated by any and all aspects of Kaido’s personality, as as we do not have his complete back story, fans jump at any info they get.

So today, we will try to systematically answer the question, how tall is Kaido? In this post, we will try to compare Kaido’s height to other One Piece to determine just how tall he was with regard to others around him.

I have been closely following the One Piece world since 2008 and eight, and I will act as your guide along this post.
So, take a seat and Let’s sail!

How tall is Kaido in One Piece?

how tall is kaido

We know that in the world of One Piece, there is no average height for characters, and any character can grow to any size, regardless of their race. Giants do exist as an entirely different race in One Piece, but even humans can grow to unfathomable nights, as we see with Whitebeard, Kuma, and possibly Moria.

Kaido is not a Giant, nor is he human, but the likes of Marco have referred to him as an Oni. Now we don’t know how big Oni are supposed to be, but we do know that Kaido in the series is about 710 cm tall, one of the tallest characters in the show and the tallest antagonist after Big Mom.

Now, before we move on, here is a quick overview of how tall Kaido Canonically is.

Form Height in Centimeters Height in Feet 
Adult 710 23.35
Young 620-670 21-22
Hybrid 720-725 23-24

Now, let’s analyze this information.

How tall is Kaido before Timeskip?

how tall is kaido

Since, Kaido is in his prime, he did not grow during the mere two years of the time skip and stayed 710. That was the night when he was introduced. But, in order to know how much he’s grown, we go all the way back to the days when he was still a young beast and a part of the Rocks crew.

We know very little about this time, only that he was around 17-19 years old at the time, still a practical adult. Meaning he could not have been a lot shorter. By estimates and using the only canon image we have, I place his height at around 600-650 cm because he still stands taller than Whitebeard in all art that’s available.

How tall is Kaido after timeskip?

how tall is kaido

It should be noted that Kaido is a character who was introduced after the time skip, making it so that his post-time skip height is his definitive height. It is the one we have readily available. As stated before, the Wiki puts this height at 710 cm, give or take a few.

How tall is kaido in hybrid form ?

how tall is kaido

his first appearance was in episode 1021. With those raised legs and horns, he’s bound to be taller than his « human » size. I think that with his hybrid form, kaido must be around 720 cm.

People also ask about Kaido’s height:

Now, whenever the height of a One piece character is brought up, fans always bring up the debate of who is taller. They match up their favorite characters. In this case, not many characters compare to Kaido. But some who do are as follows.
we talk here about an other Yonko, How tall is Shanks ?

Kaido height comparison with Whitebeard

Kaido stands at a whopping 710 cm, and while Whitebeard was one of the tallest known humans in the whole series, he only stands at 666cm tall during his prime. So, Kaido is Taller.

Kaido height comparison with Big Mom

Here we have a rare case where Kaido is actually shorter. Big Mom is so abnormally Large. She is much bigger than Kaido, at a staggering 860 centimeters, around 29 feet. She is the most massive of the Yonko. 

Kaido height comparison with Blackbeard

Now, in comparison to the rest, Teach who is still rather tall and seems almost tiny; he stands only at 344 cm compared to Kaido’s 710. So, Kaido is taller than Teach.

Kaido’s height and characterization

As with Almost all other details in One Piece, a character’s height also means a lot. Kaido’s height represents a lot as well.

A symbol of strength and might

Kaido is one of the strongest characters in the whole series, called the Strongest Creature in the world. His gigantic height is a symbol of his status as a Yonko and as the king of the beasts. He stands above all others, like a beckon. 

A symbol of fear and respect

Kaido is a fearsome character. His name carries weight with the world. His status is known all over the world, and even the government did not want to deal with him. To back up such a legacy, Kaido needed to be larger than life and an unreal character, and that’s exactly what the movie did. Just be yourself.

The meaning of this height for Luffy

Kaido was Luffy’s biggest challenge yet, and he being the tallest adds up. Ever since the Grand Line, Luffy has been facing stronger and bigger opponents with each passing project, and he eventually came to Kaido. Now, by default, he had to be taller than Katakuri, the last opponent. Kaido’s height makes him a growing threat in a line of threats.

How tall is kaido !? Final words :

We know now that Kaido is 710 CM tall and in his prime. He is taller than most and that means it’s more. Those are horrible bags.

But that is our observation; you may feel free to live after this.

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