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How Much Can Luffy Lift?

How Much Can Luffy Lift?

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Each of us has occasionally questioned how powerful Luffy is. Or how resilient he is, but one of the most crucial questions would be how much exactly can Luffy lift. After all, everyone is aware of how strong and resilient he is because his body is composed of rubber. But we need to know exactly how much he can deadlift in order to assess his strength and perseverance.

We’ll go over some of Luffy’s feats in this post, which demonstrate his extraordinary capacity for lifting enormous weights. The credit for the calculations is given to IreneBelserion69 and erzaxzoro1991 on quora

Regarding One Piece, I began reading the manga in 2008 and have kept up with it ever since. My objective in writing about One Piece is to increase awareness of the fantastic universe of the series. I also hope that my writings will be helpful to anyone who is interested in One Piece or just learning about it.

Luffy’s Lifting Feats

Some of the Luffy’s incredible feats include the following

  • In episode 254 of the anime, Luffy displayed an incredible form of strength as well as not exactly lifting but pushing feats when he freed himself from the 2 buildings by purely pushing them which would require an incredible amount of strength which would be inhumane and impossible for a normal person to exhibit. The weight of these buildings if you keep their height in mind would roughly amount to over 4 thousand tons,

  • One thing most people fail to realize to ignore is that when Luffy uses Gear 3 and uses it to attack or move, in turn doing this Luffy uses an immense amount of strength because he is essentially carrying the weight of his own gigantic Arm and bones.

  • Luffy has displayed that he is more than capable of lifting at the bare minimum of a thousand tons of weight easily when he trashed oars zombie body lifting it off the ground because of the force of his constant punches.Luffy starts the fight against Oars in episode 364 of the anime.

  • In the Skypiea arc and episode 184 of the anime, we can see Luffy’s hand getting stuck to the Golden Ball which he then actually lifts on top of his head and then proceeds to use it as weapon to damage the logia body of Enel which is made from lightning but since Gold conducts heat and lightning, Luffy is able to use the Ball to hurt Enel, The rough estimate for the weight of the Golden ball is somewhere around 450 tons

These are some of the feats in One Piece which showcase Luffy’s ability to Lift incredibly humongous amounts of weights, i would like to thank you for reading this article and hopefully after reading this article you might have had a better idea at just exactly how much weight can Luffy carry.

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