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Can Luffy turn into a giant ?

Can Luffy turn into a giant

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The most interesting aspect in OnePiece universe is the abilities of the devil fruits and throughout the series we have seen quite a lot of abilities as well as transformation of Monkey D. Luffy and with the recent wano arc we have seen quite a few new moves from Luffy including his Gear 5 and today we will talk about the possibility of Luffy turning into a giant

We will take a look at some of his techniques from gear 3 and then gear 5 as well as some possible theories to determine whether or not Luffy would have or could have the ability to turn into a giant.

My journey with One Piece started when I was a child, and ever since then I have been reading and watching it almost every week, The reason why I write on One Piece is to let more and more people know about this fantastic series and to help people out there in search of answers and theories.

Is Luffy capable of Turning into a giant: Gear 3

The iconic gear 3 of Luffy works by him biting into the joints of his thumbs and then blowing huge amounts of air directly into his bones and limbs to inflate them to huge proportions which inturn gives him the size as well as durability and strength of a giant’s limb.

Now while we have seen him turn his limbs into the size of a giant we have not yet seen him utilize a full gigantification in gear 3.

Now we did get some teasing in the filler episode of 578 where Luffy was turned into a giant with a bit of help from other characters however this is still a filler and not canon therefore we cannot take it into account for this topic today.

Is Luffy capable of turning into a giant: Gear 5

While there may be those who may disagree and say that it is simply not possible for Luffy to demonstrate a full gigantification however the author of OnePiece has teased the fans on multiple occasions about how there is still much we do not know about Luffy’s powers.

Before discussing what Luffy showcases us in his fight against kaido while utilizing the gear 5 let’s take a look at what this fruit is and who it was used by, Now the Gomu Gomu no mi Model: Nika is a mythical Zoan is a fruit based on the legendary Sun God Nika and it was previously used by Joy Boy. 

Joy Boy was a legendary figure from the void century who was a Giant. And it is stated that the awakening of the fruit allows the users to imitate Nika’s personality and powers!

Luffy demonstrated incredible freedom in utilizing his abilities in gear 5 mode in not only using the stretchy aspect of his fruit but also being able to change his body size on will without blowing air into his joints and bones

We also saw Luffy turning into a giant when he stomped on Kaido’s full dragon form which he later also used to jump rope with while using Kaido as the skipping rope!


It seems that all of the previous users of the Gomu Gomu no mi Model: Nika were in some way connected to giants or gigantification.

We know that Joy Boy was in fact a giant using the gomu gomu no mi and Luffy who can change his body’s size on will is also very similar in size with Giants using gear 5, however there is no current clarity on whether Nika himself was a giant or just a human.

Now after careful analysis on both the gear 3 and gear 5 we have come to the conclusion that Luffy can change the size of his body at will and turn his body into a giant using the gear 5 however this is not possible in gear 3rd as it is only limited to his limbs.

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