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Can Luffy have 2 devil fruits ?

Can Luffy have 2 devil fruits

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Greetings, One piece fans!

The One piece community has never been more active. In the last year, we have gotten many revelations from the manga that have left fans wondering about many aspects of the story and new mysteries that have been turning heads all around. The world of One Piece has always had dozens, if not hundreds, of questions that need answering.

And fans of the series have always done their best to come up with said answers. But some questions have always persisted. One such question is what we will be attempting to answer today.

Can Luffy have 2 devil fruits? This is a question that has gained new momentum in light of Luffy’s new abilities that he gained through Gear 5.

Join me as I use the years of knowledge gained through carefully understanding One Piece to answer our question.

2 devil fruits : the point


According to One Piece’s mythos, any character who eats a second devil fruit will instantly explode. 

Yet there are some fans who believe that Luffy’s Gum-Gum abilities give him the power to avoid this fate as he would be able to expand his body and keep himself from blowing up. 

That is a very loose argument, but it is supported by evidence. Some of that evidence and analysis are as follows.

The Truth


Though it is said that the eater of two devil fruits will explode, we have never seen it happen. 

In fact, the only time we have seen someone with the power of a second fruit (Blackbeard), there was a mystery around it.

This leads some fans to believe that the idea of people exploding upon eating a second devil fruit is a lie spread by the world government to keep anyone from attempting to eat more than one devil fruit. 

This is a possible way for Luffy to have a second fruit if that does not really kill him.

Blackbeard’s case


In Blackbeard’s case, the only person we have seen eating a second fruit, he gained the power of Whitebeard’s fruit. 

We do not know how exactly Teach managed to do this, but some fans believed he used the powers of his Yami-Yami no mi to absorb the energy of the exposition that was supposed to kill him. 

There is also a theory that since Teach’s fruit altered his body, making him, unlike other Logia users, as pointed out by Marco and Ace, he was able to survive. 

In the case of either theory, it can be guessed that Teach was able to get a second devil fruit thanks to the abilities of the first one.

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Luffy’s case


Similar to Teach, Luffy’s fruit also alters his body in a very unique way, changing him into rubber. 

Fans believe that, since Luffy too has a strange body and can absorb the energy that would supposedly kill other devil fruit users, he would survive a second devil fruit. 

But this is entirely superficial, as we do not really know how Teach got his second fruit. But in Luffy’s case, there is also another possibility, the possibility of Gear 5.

Can Luffy have 2 devil fruits? Final words :


In his newest form, Luffy has the powers of a God and can change the shape and form of his body and everything around him.

This makes his powers seemingly endless as they are only limited by his own imagination.

We must understand that in this form, Luffy’s body can adapt to any kind of damage, meaning he may survive eating a second devil fruit.

We have seen Luffy mold his body to take Kaido’s attacks, and we have also been told that he can do anything that can be imagined, so if Luffy can perceive the idea of surviving the act of eating a second devil fruit, the Hito-Hito no mi, might make it possible.

So, we have our answer. A Gear 5 Luffy can hypothetically have a second devil fruit, as it is stated that his powers are only limited by his own imagination. But only Oda can know for sure how the devil fruits really work.

Thus, our answer is, theoretically, Luffy can get two devil fruits.

But we must also make it abundantly clear that our answer is based on the idea that Gear 5 is limited to Luffy’s imagination.

In fact, only Oda can truly say if Luffy can have a second devil fruit or not.

God D. Steees

God D. Steees

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